2014-15 State of Virginia salaries / Office of the Governor

(Name withheld)
Special Assistant

Names withheld for employees making less than than the median salary.

2014-15 total compensation


Pay components:

% of Office of the Governor median60%
Work locationRichmond (City)
Hire date4/7/2014

More Office of the Governor employees

NameTotal pay
Terence R. Mcauliffe $175,000
Paul J. Reagan $164,448
Suzette P. Denslow $150,000
Carlos L. Hopkins $120,000
Anna H. James $120,000
Felix Sarfo-Kantanka $120,000
Brian T. Coy $110,000
Sarah Christina Nuckols $100,000
Maribel E. Ramos $95,000
Carrie H. Caumont $85,000
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