2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Veterans Services

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Total payroll$22,189,618
Median pay$32,185
Average pay$38,132
Highest individual pay$151,441

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William Van Thiel Gen Admin Manager III $151,441
John L. Newby Commr of Veterans Services $140,000
Sandra Harless Ranicki Gen Admin Manager III $134,906
Beth A. Atkins Pharmacist II $121,455
Jon C. Hatfield Gen Admin Manager II $118,888
Ghulam S. Nessar Pharmacy Manager $117,835
Catherine A. Wilson Gen Admin Manager III $107,100
Alfonso Lee Tinsley Info Technology Manager I $105,998
Jennifer Lytle Registered Nurse Manager II $104,836
Robyn Renae Jennings Registered Nurse Manager II $104,771
David Mansolino Therapy Manager II $103,244
Tracy Morrison Financial Services Manager II $98,566
Steven J. Combs Policy Planning Manager II $96,833
Annie M. Walker Education Administrator III $92,681
Anne H. Jeffries Therapist III $91,221
Dianne B. Handler Therapist III $91,221
Tamara L. Davidson Financial Services Manager II $90,783
Thomas J. Herthel Prog Admin Manager III $85,000
Jack W. Hilgers Gen Admin Manager II $84,864
Lisa F. Cates Human Resource Manager II $82,009
Cheri Nicole Lankford Financial Services Manager II $81,906
Brandi Cole Jancaitis Gen Admin Manager II $81,612
Andrew David Schwartz Prog Admin Specialist II $81,600
Terry F. Walker Registered Nurse Manager I $81,512
Eric B. Olsen RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $80,846
Marcheta Foster Registered Nurse Manager I $76,245
Karen B. Bohannon RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $76,069
Tina L. Parlett-Calhoun PR & Mktg Mgr II $74,800
Jillian T. Martin Therapist III $74,545
Anne K. Hegeland Registered Nurse Manager I $74,235
Jacqueline F. Pulley RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $73,669
Nancy L. Harms RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $73,042
Amy W. Gray Therapist III $72,976
Lillian Jackson Registered Nurse Manager I $72,474
Camilla Susan Schwoebel Prog Admin Manager II $72,257
Daniel R. Kemano Gen Admin Manager II $71,491
Sheri G. Jones Financial Services Manager I $70,776
Joanne Hancock RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $70,331
Shawanna N. Fox Registered Nurse Manager I $70,000
Carol Berg Prog Admin Manager II $70,000
Kendra Jo Van Goodman RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $69,685
Tommy J. Hicks RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $69,615
Mary Lewis-Walston RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $69,500
Cynthia E. Pollard RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $68,600
Martha Ellen Utley Prog Admin Manager II $68,544
Carole A. Campbell RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $68,506
Myra C. Garrett RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $68,000
Ira Mcclellan Education Coordinator I $67,175
Judy D. Easter Financial Services Manager I $66,889
Crista Galvin-Cox Prog Admin Specialist II $66,638
Vickie K. Broughman Human Resource Manager I $66,124
Donna Springfield Moore Human Resource Manager I $65,000
Michael R. Demarest Info Technology Specialist I $64,796
Brian T. Pickral Info Technology Specialist I $64,796
Leanna B. Craig Prog Admin Manager II $64,000
Matthew J. Leslie Prog Admin Manager II $64,000
Benjamin Y. Shaw Prog Admin Manager II $64,000
Mary Louise Hopkins Food Service Manager III $63,705
Charles E. Evans Therapy Assistant/Therapist I $63,480
Hope M. Saettel Therapy Assistant/Therapist I $63,480
Catherine M. Pinkard RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $63,289
Jackie Sackett Therapy Assistant/Therapist I $63,136
Susan Kimberly Elliott PR & Mktg Mgr II $62,169
Martina Murray Education Coordinator I $61,489
Randal L. Beckner Trades Technician IV $61,033
Ernestine C. Bennett RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $60,810
Elizabeth A. Talbott RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $60,672
Ashley L. Watson Prog Admin Specialist I $60,320
Sharon R. Moomey RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $60,000
Michael Lester Stone Trades Technician IV $59,424
Traci F. Dempsey Financial Services Spec II $58,958
Katrina N. Davis RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $57,928
Josephine Sagini RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $57,928
Fabienne Kebreau RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $57,928
Sim C. Wimbush Prog Admin Specialist II $57,308