2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Transportation

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Total payroll$388,193,923
Median pay$47,492
Average pay$54,213
Highest individual pay$198,450

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Charles A. Kilpatrick Transportation Commissioner $198,450
Garrett W. Moore Architect/Engineering Mgr IV $170,165
Helen L. Cuervo Gen Admin Manager IV $162,785
Mohammad Mirshahi Architect/Engineering Mgr IV $162,434
Richard L. Walton Gen Admin Manager IV $162,065
Renee N. Hamilton Gen Admin Manager III $160,745
John W. Lawson Gen Admin Manager IV $157,134
Muralidhar Rao Info Technology Manager II $155,463
Wanda H. Wells Gen Admin Manager IV $154,853
Quintin D. Elliott Chief Deputy $153,000
Amanda Joy Baxter Prog Admin Specialist III $151,000
John D. Lynch Gen Admin Manager IV $150,074
John Douglas Koelemay Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $150,000
William C. Cuttler Architect/Engineering Mgr II $148,750
Hari K. Sripathi Gen Admin Manager II $148,358
Earl Kevin Gregg Gen Admin Manager III $146,000
Branco Vlacich Prog Admin Manager III $144,891
Farid Bigdeli Prog Admin Manager III $144,500
James S. Utterback Gen Admin Manager IV $144,373
Janice S. Long Financial Services Manager III $144,091
Robert H. Cary Gen Admin Manager IV $143,341
Susan N. Shaw Architect/Engineering Mgr III $143,032
Nicholas J. Roper Architect/Engineering Mgr II $143,032
Tommy W. Fahrney Prog Admin Specialist III $142,307
Melanie J. Wright Gen Admin Manager II $142,000
Stephen Bates Architect/Engineering Mgr II $141,993
Stacy D. Mccracken Financial Services Manager III $140,878
Daniel B. Costello Lnd Acq & Prop Mgmt Manager II $140,715
Abraham Lerner Prog Admin Specialist III $138,210
Maria J. Sinner Prog Admin Manager III $137,919
Randolph S. Kiser Gen Admin Manager IV $136,905
Stephan M. Ball Prog Admin Specialist III $136,553
David P. Shiells Architect/Engineering Mgr II $136,482
Gary Albert Runco Architect/Engineering Mgr II $136,000
Raymond J. Khoury Architect/Engineering Mgr III $135,434
Jay Neider Architect/Engineering Mgr III $135,000
Christopher L. Winstead Gen Admin Manager IV $135,000
Mary C. Parker Gen Admin Manager IV $134,984
Kendal R. Walus Architect/Engineering Mgr III $133,821
Barton A. Thrasher Architect/Engineering Mgr III $133,753
Charles A. Babish Architect/Engineering Mgr III $133,205
Robert A. Hanson Policy Planning Spec IV $133,204
Kenneth H. King Gen Admin Manager IV $132,500
Randy L. Hamilton Gen Admin Manager IV $132,500
Kimberly Ann Pryor Gen Admin Manager III $132,000
Bradley W. Gales Audit Services Manager III $131,987
Larry O. Cloyed Prog Admin Specialist III $131,773
Laura A. Farmer Financial Services Manager III $131,250
Ellett D. Pollard Info Technology Manager II $130,813
Pamela W. Tauer Info Technology Manager II $130,807
Richard W. Burke Prog Admin Manager III $130,709
Kerry A. Bates Architect/Engineering Mgr III $130,040
Leonard Siegel Architect/Engineering Mgr II $130,000
Elizabeth J. Arnold Gen Admin Manager III $130,000
David T. Caudill Gen Admin Manager III $130,000
Jose P. Gomez Gen Admin Manager III $129,566
Emily S. Elliott Human Resource Manager III $129,415
Peter E. Vigliotti Prog Admin Specialist III $129,254
Norman Whitaker Prog Admin Manager III $128,700
Ralph L. Holcombe Gen Admin Manager III $128,475
Jo A. Maxwell Policy Planning Manager III $128,410
Lauren C. Mollerup Prog Admin Manager III $128,297
Jennifer B. Debruhl Gen Admin Manager III $128,020
John E. Crews Compliance Manager III $128,020
Juanita E. Mack Info Technology Manager II $127,915
Shailendra G. Patel Architect/Engineering Mgr III $127,675
Randall A. Dittberner Architect/Engineering Mgr II $127,012
Emmett R. Heltzel Architect/Engineering Mgr III $127,004
Shirlene Marie Cleveland Architect/Engineering Mgr II $127,000
Lance O. Kaeberle Policy Planning Spec IV $126,803
Jan S. Vaughan Prog Admin Manager III $126,250
Sanjeev Suri Architect/Engineering Mgr II $126,230
Lisa M. Pride Gen Admin Manager III $125,725
Harinderbir S. Warraich Prog Admin Manager III $125,643
Paul S. Stahl Assistant Attorney General-III $125,641