2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Juvenile Justice

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Total payroll$76,952,106
Median pay$41,071
Average pay$45,532
Highest individual pay$137,838

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Christopher S. Moon Physician II $137,838
Ralph B. Thomas Security Manager IV $126,999
Daryl Wayne Francis Gen Admin Manager III $125,967
John Ledden Security Manager IV $122,094
Andrew Keith Block Director of Juvenile Justice $120,750
Linda C. Jackson-Shaw Human Resource Manager III $117,450
Lisa L. Floyd Education Administrator IV $113,000
Mark H. Murphy Gen Admin Manager III $112,200
Kenneth E. Smith Probation Manager I $107,742
Angela M. Cimino Valentine Chief Deputy $105,000
Earl F. Anderson Info Technology Specialist III $103,332
Jamie C. Lewis Gen Admin Manager II $100,225
Philip James Anastasi Info Technology Manager II $100,000
Thomas J. Milewski Dentist I $99,451
George W. Drewry Education Administrator III $99,063
Harvey Clifford Lloyd Dentist I $98,346
Deron M. Phipps Policy Planning Manager II $98,104
Maria De Lourde F. Lunsford Info Technology Specialist III $98,000
Thornton L. Holman Info Technology Specialist III $96,594
Peggy J. Parrish Security Manager III $96,008
Sharon H. Trimmer Education Administrator III $95,738
Frank R. Shumaker Probation Officer II $95,291
Kevin J. Ferlazzo Info Technology Specialist III $94,878
Alex V. Chobotov Info Technology Specialist III $94,517
Robert G. Wade Probation Manager II $94,413
Jeffrey S. Homan Probation Manager II $93,686
Janet P. Van Cuyk Policy Planning Manager II $93,186
Joseph P. Bridge Human Resource Manager II $93,130
John S. Coble Compliance Manager II $92,515
Jusolyn M. Bradshaw Education Administrator II $91,896
Kenneth E. Bailey Prog Admin Manager III $90,550
William Stephens Prog Admin Specialist II $90,187
Michael Alexander Lipka Info Technology Specialist III $90,000
Michael R. Hall Education Administrator III $89,854
Arthur L. Kaye Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $89,648
Robin Vaughan Binford-Weaver Psychology Manager $89,107
Robert M. Gunn Human Resource Manager II $89,003
Livia S. Jansen Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $88,645
Theodore R. Darden Financial Services Manager II $88,096
William Alan Royal Education Administrator III $88,000
Tripti Gangal Info Technology Specialist III $87,547
Susan Childers Willis Human Resource Manager II $87,416
Robert A. Wilburn Architect/Engineering Mgr II $87,280
Ashaki M. Mcneil Prog Admin Manager III $86,441
Elizebeth B. Morse Registered Nurse Manager II $86,156
Cecille F. Hendricks Trainer and Instructor II $86,077
Gary C. Vanderhoof Human Resource Manager II $85,967
Kathleen M. Tauer RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $85,721
Michael G. Locke Probation Officer II $85,466
George Michael Favale Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr II $84,062
Tammie J. Dockery Trainer and Instructor II $83,588
Robert W. Foster Prog Admin Manager III $83,321
James E. Horn Prog Admin Manager III $82,877
Regina Hurt Prog Admin Manager III $82,801
Tabitha L. Dowtin Auditor II $82,722
Velma S. Briggs Education Coordinator I $82,565
Vonda L. Ashley Info Technology Specialist III $82,557
Joyce E. Holmon Prog Admin Manager III $82,281
John B. Schisa Info Technology Specialist III $82,234
Bryan P. Graham RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $82,218
Michael J. Mackey Probation Manager I $82,024
Gary Wayne Mcdonald Education Administrator II $81,835
Dolores Anne Kirk-Johnson Prog Admin Manager III $81,629
Stephanie C. Garrison Prog Admin Manager III $81,629
Michelle C. Gwinn Info Technology Specialist III $81,600
Maury B. Brickhouse Probation Manager II $81,485
Jason M. Vena Registered Nurse Manager I $80,810
Karen A. Jancaitis Probation Officer I $80,639
Lara Kate Jacobs Todd Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr II $80,000
Sharon L. Collins Financial Services Manager I $79,866
Colleen Ann French Probation Manager II $79,508
Gloria P. Bartley Probation Manager I $79,191
Aderon L. Gibbs Probation Manager II $78,755
Olymphia Antionette Perkins Probation Manager II $78,686
Valerie P. Boykin Probation Manager II $78,540