2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Health Professions

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Total payroll$12,571,082
Median pay$58,905
Average pay$62,855
Highest individual pay$222,019

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William L. Harp Physician Manager II $222,019
Barbara J. Matusiak Physician Manager I $163,674
David Evans Brown Dir Dept Health Professions $128,650
Caroline Davis Juran Pharmacy Manager $120,407
Faye T. Lemon Gen Admin Manager III $112,987
Robert Helmut Jenkins Info Technology Manager II $112,450
James S. Johnson Pharmacist II $112,190
Beth Laura O'Halloran Pharmacist II $105,000
Jay P. Douglas Registered Nurse Manager II $104,839
Lisa J. Russell Hahn Prog Admin Manager III $99,792
Jaime Head Hoyle Chief Deputy $98,520
Nan R. Dunaway Pharmacist I $97,925
Vicki G. Garrison Pharmacist I $97,786
Jason M. Brown Gen Admin Manager III $97,500
Pamela Twombly Prog Admin Manager III $97,459
Elizabeth A. Carter Prog Admin Manager III $96,743
Eugene Robert Browning Info Technology Specialist III $96,390
Paul Stephen Dalby Prog Admin Manager III $96,094
Timothy J. Reilly Pharmacist I $95,000
Donald M. Jackson Pharmacist I $94,902
Susan Kay Schmitt Beckmann Pharmacist I $94,860
Sandra K. Reen Prog Admin Manager III $94,027
James Leonard Banning Prog Admin Manager III $93,133
Jodi P. Power Prog Admin Manager III $92,571
Deborah Elizabeth Difalco Compliance Manager I $91,800
Michael J. Gallini Info Technology Specialist III $91,768
Ralph A. Orr Prog Admin Manager III $91,474
Jennifer Louise Deschenes Prog Admin Manager III $89,005
Paula B. Saxby Prog Admin Manager III $88,232
Gloria Dianne Mitchell-Lively Prog Admin Manager III $88,217
Brenda Krohn Prog Admin Manager III $87,403
Elaine J. Yeatts Policy Planning Spec III $87,083
John V. Jenkins Info Technology Specialist III $85,680
William C. Klima Info Technology Specialist III $85,680
Kening Wang Info Technology Specialist III $85,155
Leslie Lieser Knachel Prog Admin Manager III $84,347
Diane E. Powers Prog Admin Specialist III $83,752
Charlette N. Ridout Registered Nurse Manager I $82,000
Charles Edward Giles Financial Services Manager I $81,930
Lorraine B. Mcgehee Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr I $80,418
June E. Morrison Compliance Manager I $79,951
Susan B. Nesbit Compliance Manager I $79,560
Christina Anne Bargdill Compliance Manager I $79,254
Anita Blaich Watkins Financial Services Manager II $78,859
Julia K. Bennett Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr II $78,114
Wanda Faye Jackson Compliance/Safety Officer IV $76,675
Helene J. Kelly Health Care Compliance Spec II $75,981
Anne G. Joseph Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr I $74,936
Kathleen Marie Siddall Policy Planning Manager I $74,838
Jennifer E. Baker Health Care Compliance Spec II $74,415
Cathy M. Reiniers-Day Prog Admin Specialist II $73,248
Michelle Watson Crone Health Care Compliance Spec II $73,247
Lynne H. Helmick Prog Admin Specialist II $73,057
Ann L. Tiller Prog Admin Manager II $72,901
Kimberly Brae Lynch Health Care Compliance Spec II $72,422
Gayle E. Miller Health Care Compliance Spec II $71,787
Richard A. Heaberlin Prog Admin Specialist II $70,840
Linda C. Kleiner Compliance/Safety Officer IV $70,497
Deborah B. Pearson Financial Services Spec I $69,825
Peggy Jean Wood Prog Admin Manager III $69,752
Sarah E. Cecchi Info Technology Specialist III $69,604
Lisa D. Thomas Health Care Compliance Spec II $69,182
Naima K. Fellers Health Care Compliance Spec II $68,334
Cheryl Marlene Hodgson Health Care Compliance Spec II $68,334
Sharron Leigh Squires Health Care Compliance Spec II $68,334
Ann Hardy Health Care Compliance Spec II $68,177
Kelley Wynne Palmatier Prog Admin Specialist II $67,741
Mae L. Duncan Info Technology Specialist II $67,710
Richard J. Crow Policy Planning Spec III $67,320
Marta J. Ishmael Health Care Compliance Spec II $67,186
Carolyn Reevy Mckann Prog Admin Specialist II $66,909
Ronnie W. Houser Health Care Compliance Spec II $66,304
Ashley Edwards Reed Auditor II $65,841
Tammie Darlene Jones Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr II $65,625
Mark R. Cranfill Health Care Compliance Spec II $65,000