2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Education

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Total payroll$23,242,078
Median pay$70,240
Average pay$68,158
Highest individual pay$202,419

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Steven Ray Staples Supt of Public Instruction $202,419
Kent C. Dickey Education Administrator IV $150,742
John William Haun Education Administrator IV $150,010
Shelley L. Loving-Ryder Education Administrator IV $115,649
Cynthia A. Cave Education Administrator IV $115,420
Sarah J. Susbury Education Administrator III $111,904
John M. Eisenberg Education Administrator IV $111,629
Marie G. Williams Financial Services Manager II $110,054
Catherine Digilio Grimes Education Administrator III $108,317
Lolita B. Hall Education Administrator III $105,955
Bethann H. Canada Info Technology Manager I $105,647
Patricia C. Abrams Education Administrator III $105,418
Patricia S. Pitts Education Administrator IV $104,753
Beverly W. Rabil Education Administrator III $103,980
Donald H. Marsh Education Administrator III $102,890
Thomas W. Broyles Gen Admin Manager II $102,784
Linda E. Borland Financial Services Manager II $102,177
Christine Anne Harris Education Administrator III $102,000
Nilesh Trivedi Info Technology Specialist III $101,535
Cheryle D. Gardner Education Coordinator II $101,114
Christopher A. Sorensen Financial Services Manager II $100,980
Mark R. Allan Education Coordinator II $100,656
Sharon E. Siler Education Administrator III $100,636
Monirul Islam Info Technology Specialist III $100,318
Natalie Tillman Halloran Education Coordinator II $100,263
C Jo Ann Burkholder Education Administrator III $99,534
Raymond O. Woten Info Technology Manager I $98,954
Lynne A. Fellin Education Administrator III $97,879
George R. Willcox Education Administrator III $97,461
Deloris Ann Perry Rowsey Procurement Officer III $97,372
Merilee A. Fox Education Coordinator II $97,294
John B. Akright Info Technology Specialist III $96,858
Dhiren B. Desai Info Technology Specialist III $96,000
Tracie L. Coleman Financial Services Spec III $95,717
Judy T. Radford Education Administrator III $95,160
Susan B. Williams Policy Planning Manager II $94,361
Veronica Tate Education Administrator III $93,840
Diane L. Jay Education Administrator III $93,817
Belva A. Rowe Education Administrator III $93,360
Susan M. Williams Info Technology Manager I $92,444
Cheryl P. Strobel Education Administrator III $92,182
Wanda Barnes Council Education Coordinator I $91,896
Eric M. Rhoades Education Administrator III $91,800
Cecelia P. Rieb Financial Services Spec III $91,360
Thomas T. Santangelo Education Coordinator I $90,485
Donita Michielle Harper Financial Services Spec III $90,000
Joan B. Johnson Education Administrator III $90,000
Michael F. Bolling Education Administrator III $89,964
Clara Lynn Sodat Education Administrator III $89,964
Rebecca L. Marable Human Resource Analyst III $89,274
Yvonne A. Holloman Education Coordinator II $89,218
Donna P. Meeks Education Coordinator II $88,977
Jason A. Ellis Education Coordinator II $88,810
Anne E. Annala Education Coordinator I $88,271
Anthony Dursa Education Coordinator I $87,863
Peter W. Coleman Info Technology Specialist II $87,620
Kristi Theresa Bond Education Coordinator II $87,584
June F. Eanes Gen Admin Manager II $87,548
Thomas T. Suh Education Coordinator I $87,530
Donna L. Poland Education Coordinator II $87,504
Jeffrey A. Phenicie Education Administrator III $87,444
Barbara P. Young Education Coordinator I $87,270
Debra J. Delozier Education Coordinator I $87,190
Patricia A. Rascoe Education Coordinator I $86,957
Susan M. Trulove Education Coordinator I $86,831
Patricia R. Dalton Education Coordinator I $86,778
Elsie Marie Dawson Info Technology Specialist III $86,700
Michelle C. Wallace Education Coordinator I $86,560
Christopher John Mclaughlin Education Coordinator I $85,743
William T. Dougherty Financial Services Spec II $85,571
Doris W. Frazier Education Coordinator I $85,466
Andrew D. Greenidge Education Coordinator I $85,198
Kathleen G. Harris Education Coordinator I $85,098
Vanessa C. Wigand Education Coordinator II $84,496
Carolyn W. Hodgins Education Coordinator I $83,986