2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Corrections

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Total payroll$429,887,291
Median pay$35,416
Average pay$38,833
Highest individual pay$286,875

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Meredith R. Cary Physician II $286,875
Mark S. Amonette Physician Manager I $217,949
Harold D. Jones Physician II $195,000
Leonard L. Levin Physician II $173,181
Mary E. Clarke Physician II $166,735
Sonja M. Johns Physician II $166,663
Laurence S. Wang Physician II $164,934
Harold W. Clarke Director of Corrections $153,000
Frederick J. Schilling Gen Admin Manager IV $147,815
Frank B. Fuller Pharmacy Manager $140,000
George A. Smith Dental Manager $139,834
Arnold D. Robinson Security Manager V $135,580
Nancy H. Scott Security Manager V $131,730
Richard A. Davis Info Technology Manager II $124,717
Henry P. Broughton Human Resource Manager III $124,364
Paul T. Moore Dentist I $124,000
Gerald K. Washington Security Manager IV $123,941
George M. Hinkle Security Manager IV $123,941
Jacqueline J. Brown Dentist I $120,565
Jennifer P. Wood Dentist I $120,565
William L. Newberry Dentist I $120,000
William F. Carr Dentist I $120,000
John Aaron Shneidman Dentist I $120,000
Angela M. Melton Dentist I $120,000
Sabrina Wells Dentist I $118,830
Melvin J. Burrell Dentist I $118,200
Adam K. Wyatt Dentist I $117,939
Zaccariah Allen Info Technology Manager II $117,871
Eddie L. Pearson Security Manager III $117,752
Wyatt M. Ruffin Dentist I $116,280
Malcolm L. Taylor Security Manager IV $116,085
Daniel L. Messerschmidt Dentist I $115,668
Raymond B. Huzek Dentist I $115,411
Melvin J. Austin Dentist I $115,151
James C. Steere Dentist I $115,151
John S. Garman General Admin Manager III $115,000
Leonard R. Tatro Dentist I $113,874
Elizabeth W. Lee Dentist I $112,911
Veronica E. Harrell Dentist I $112,200
Werner E. Wiedemann Dentist I $112,000
Henry J. Ponton Gen Admin Manager III $109,370
Robin S. Earley Pharmacist II $109,246
Louis B. Eacho Financial Services Manager II $108,529
Gwendolyn A. Holley Dentist I $108,120
Leon M. Dixon Physician II $107,599
David W. Clarke Info Technology Manager I $106,511
Azhagappan Arunachalam Info Technology Manager I $104,977
Denise B. Malone Psychology Manager $104,360
Gregory L. Holloway Gen Admin Manager III $103,746
Wendy S. Hobbs Gen Admin Manager III $103,746
Jeffrey N. Dillman Security Manager III $103,682
Elisabeth M. Thornton Gen Admin Manager II $103,412
John M. Ivey Info Technology Manager I $103,260
Joseph K. Rogish Info Technology Manager II $102,060
Christopher S. Colville Education Administrator III $101,973
Randall C. Mathena Security Manager III $101,652
Tracy S. Ray Security Manager III $101,617
Felicia V. Stretcher Info Technology Manager II $100,713
William K. Ralston Architect/Engineering Mgr II $100,324
Marsha G. Butler Info Technology Specialist III $98,532
Helen S. Richeson Security Manager IV $98,055
Keith W. Davis Security Manager III $97,391
Stanley K. Young Security Manager III $97,391
Tammy C. Brown Security Manager III $96,728
Calvin D. Bush Prog Admin Manager III $96,566
Cherrey T. Wallace Info Technology Manager I $95,815
Peggy A. Anthony Probation Manager II $95,283
Mark E. Williams Dentist I $95,217
Thomas W. Young Architect/Engineering Mgr II $95,115
Susan D. Williams Policy Planning Manager II $94,794
Kimberley C. Lipp Gen Admin Manager II $93,970
Kathy S. Lassiter Human Resource Manager II $93,897
John P. Vaughn Info Technology Specialist III $93,337
Earl R. Barksdale Security Manager III $93,316
Lisa C. Hernandez Security Manager III $93,149