2014-15 State of Virginia salaries / Department of Aviation

(Name withheld)
PR & Mktg Spec II

Names withheld for employees making less than than the median salary.

2014-15 total compensation


Pay components:

% of Department of Aviation median57%
Work locationHenrico
Hire date3/2/2015

More Department of Aviation employees

NameTotal pay
Randall P. Burdette $131,016
Paul C. Burnette $108,945
Roger L. Bowling $106,623
Cherry A. Evans $98,551
Steven G. Harris $95,784
Patricia H. Fulcher $89,533
Vernon W. Carter $89,209
John M. Swain $88,604
Keith F. Mccrea $82,807
Jeanie R. Carter $75,432
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