2014-15 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

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Total payroll$22,743,608
Median pay$46,383
Average pay$52,069
Highest individual pay$160,394

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Sandra J. Adams Comm Dept of Agri and Cons Ser $160,394
David C. Wong PR & Mktg Spec V $135,220
Charles R. Green Gen Admin Manager IV $126,758
Samuel T. Towell Chief Deputy $117,000
Richard L. Wilkes Veterinary Manager $115,122
Jennifer S. Cavedo Gen Admin Manager III $114,510
Yugendar R. Bommineni Veterinarian III $111,078
Andres Alvarez Gen Admin Manager III $110,514
Catherine A. Nott Info Technology Manager I $107,409
Brian K. Long PR & Mktg Mgr IV $98,953
Ernest L. Knicely Gen Admin Manager II $98,525
Lisa M. Crofton Veterinarian III $97,983
Joseph P. Garvin Veterinarian II $97,504
Kendra B. Shifflett Financial Services Manager II $97,184
Kevin Schmidt Policy Planning Manager II $96,615
Linda D. Cole Human Resource Manager II $96,313
Charles C. Broaddus Veterinarian II $95,587
Kent W. Lewis PR & Mktg Mgr IV $94,606
Steven David Mcgreevy Gen Admin Manager II $93,626
Temple R. Buck PR & Mktg Spec V $93,331
Randi L. Clifford Audit Services Manager II $92,824
Kristy M. Mccabe Financial Services Manager II $92,184
Larry A. Harris Gen Admin Manager II $92,157
Steven C. Wicks Info Technology Specialist II $91,784
Stephanie B. Robinson PR & Mktg Mgr IV $90,166
Ryan W. Davis Environmental Manager II $89,834
Janis L. Whitlock Info Technology Specialist III $88,624
Deborah K. Nickerson Info Technology Specialist III $88,116
Carolynn J. Bissett Veterinarian II $87,975
Betty M. Lowther Procurement Manager III $86,570
Larry M. Nichols Agricultural Manager III $85,437
Elaine J. Lidholm PR & Mktg Mgr III $83,991
Liza J. Fleeson Environmental Manager II $82,805
Crafton O. Wilkes Milk Commission Administrator $80,937
Virginia G. Moody Milteer Agricultural Manager II $80,618
Donald H. Hopson VetTech II/Veterinarian I $80,384
Stanley N. Asante Info Technology Specialist II $80,000
Thomas H. Smith PR & Mktg Mgr III $79,068
Michael L. Hutt PR & Mktg Spec V $77,648
Andrea S. Heid PR & Mktg Spec V $77,195
Patricia K. Kidd Trades Manager I $75,748
Olivia B. Wilson PR & Mktg Mgr III $75,670
Darrell R. Marshall Environmental Manager I $75,311
Michael R. Menefee Compliance Manager II $75,145
John L. Moody VetTech II/Veterinarian I $75,000
Darryl R. Moore Info Technology Specialist II $74,909
Richard H. Baker PR & Mktg Spec V $74,862
Michael B. Carpenter PR & Mktg Mgr III $74,830
Paula C. Oley Info Technology Specialist II $74,370
Caitlin T. Clark PR & Mktg Spec V $73,945
Thomas C. Lavelle VetTech II/Veterinarian I $73,405
Pamela W. Miles Environmental Manager I $72,995
David W. Brown VetTech II/Veterinarian I $72,950
Tony L. Stover Agricultural Manager II $72,659
Seth F. Benton PR & Mktg Spec V $71,769
Robert L. Burns Info Technology Specialist II $71,760
Angela D. Marrocco Human Resource Analyst II $71,365
Kay G. Cholko Financial Services Spec II $71,135
Christopher D. Halsey VetTech II/Veterinarian I $70,707
Erin P. Williams Policy Planning Spec II $70,610
Barry A. Jones Environmental Manager I $70,580
David A. Robishaw Agricultural Manager II $70,545
Patricia E. Mccarthy Financial Services Spec II $69,892
Thomas B. Hall Compliance Manager I $69,861
Bruce M. Bowman VetTech II/Veterinarian I $69,460
Jacqueline Teter Environmental Specialist II $69,369
William P. Scruggs Agricultural Manager II $69,360
Joan M. Scott Financial Services Spec II $69,194
Paul A. Caruso Agricultural Manager II $69,041
Daniel L. Neel Agricultural Manager II $68,765
Robert G. Trimmer Environmental Manager I $68,333
Debra D. Martin Scientist II $68,242
Dirk B. Holcomb Auditor II $67,853
Jerome W. Nottingham Agricultural Manager II $67,682
Robin O. Hill Prog Admin Specialist II $67,320