2014-15 local government employee salaries

Hanover County Schools

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Total payroll$105,317,985
Median pay$45,378
Average pay$41,284
Highest individual pay$203,341

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Jamelle S. Wilson Division Superintendent $203,341
Thomas D. Myers Asst. Superintendent Business & Operations $163,200
Michael B. Gill Assistant Superintendent Instructional Leadership $142,000
Theresa J. Hechler Director Technology Services $124,840
Robert D. Staley Director Secondary Education $122,156
Dorothy W. Tate Director Federal Programs & Leadership $117,309
Donald E. Latham Principal Middle School $116,774
Patricia W. Miller Director Elementary Education $116,680
Joni L. Shelton Acting Asst. Superintendent Human Resources $115,818
Debbie L. Arco Director Curriculum and Instruction $115,668
Jennifer E. Greif Director Accreditation and Accountability $110,412
Dana E. Gresham Principal High School $110,104
Mark T. Beckett Principal Middle School $109,172
Diane K. Brown Director Special Education $107,050
Caroline S. Harris Principal Middle School $107,048
Michael R. Ashby Director Pupil Transportation $104,471
Frank X. Smalara Assistant Director Information Systems $104,318
Nancy O. Disharoon Principal Middle School $104,035
Teresa M. Keck Principal Elementary School $103,329
Christine R. Ambler Director Food Services $103,234
John J. Wheeler Principal High School $103,000
Wanda Bibb Principal High School $102,900
Karen R. Carpenter Principal Elementary School $102,508
Charles E. Stevens Principal High School $101,900
Amy W. Robinson Principal Elementary School $101,896
Rhonda S. Epling Principal Elementary School $101,836
Stephen G. Smith Principal Elementary School $101,286
Paula P. Brown Principal Elementary School $100,859
Margaret M. Walthall Assessment Specialist $99,564
Edward S. Buzzelli Director Facilities $99,540
Lynn G. Bragga Director Budget & Financial Reporting $99,540
Carrie T. Radigan Autism Consortium Facilitator $99,459
Michael A. Mudd Principal Elementary School $99,278
Larry W. Hardy Principal Elementary School $97,354
Justin B. Roerink Principal High School $97,290
Leigh D. Finch Principal Elementary School $96,369
Thomas C. Vaughan Director Custodial Services $96,058
Christopher R. Whitley Public Information Officer $95,900
Judith L. Bradley Principal Elementary School $95,874
Brian J. Ford Principal Georgetown School $95,600
Barbara E. Hancock-Henley Coordinator Career & Technical Education $94,600
Charles E. Joseph Iii Principal Elementary School $94,420
Margaret P. Hill Business Partnership Specialist $90,468
V. Nicolle H. Currie Principal Elementary School $90,360
Cheryl E. Fisher Principal Elementary School $90,360
Dana R. Jackson Principal Elementary School $90,360
Linwood T. Horne Jr. Assistant Director Transportation $89,904
Jimmy D. Whipkey Senior Programmer Analyst $89,326
Lauran E. Ziegler Assistant Director Special Education $89,250
Martha P. Thompson Lead Teacher Specialist (Special Education) $89,089
Lisa P. Thompson Principal Elementary School $88,000
James Barry Hewett Senior School Psychologist $87,608
John W. Trott Lead Teacher Specialist (Health & PE) $87,283
Herbert T. Beck Supervisor Network Services $87,058
Julie V. Tate Lead Teacher Specialist (Media Services) $86,897
Robert H. Ammons Jr. Senior Programmer Analyst $86,594
Glenn T. Gardner Assistant Principal High School $85,736
Randall K. Stokes Assistant Principal High School $85,736
Anthony L. Landrum Senior Programmer Analyst $85,191
Charles R. Schmetzer JROTC Instructor $84,882
David L. Kannewurf Athletic/Activities Director $84,872
Charles A. Sicola School Counselor $83,616
Robert M. Sargeant Assistant Director Human Resources $83,497
Alicia H. Carter Senior Teacher $83,402
Barry S. Bond Enterprise Network Engineer $83,333
Melissa L. Semones Coordinator Human Resources/Staff Development $81,347
Leslie A. Gordon Assistant Principal High School $81,071
Estelle S. Derricott Assistant Principal High School $81,066
James M. Head JROTC Instructor $80,473
Shelby K. Edmonds School Counselor $80,431
Kimberly A. Williams Assistant Principal High School $80,325
Michael A. Duke Coordinator Human Resources/Recruitment $80,325
Kim L. Dye Lead Teacher Specialist (Science) $80,121
Judith Z. Marston Human Resources Compensation & Compliance Officer $80,000
James T. Carrigan Senior School Social Worker $79,788