2014-15 local government employee salaries

Goochland County Schools

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Total payroll$15,990,349
Median pay$44,285
Average pay$40,896
Highest individual pay$160,926

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
James F. Lane Superintendent $160,926
Peter M. Gretz Assistant Superintendent of Operations $115,935
Thomas M. Deweerd Director Technology & School Admin $114,348
C. Michael. Newman High School Principal $110,976
Stephen A. Geyer Assistant Superintendent of Instruction $110,382
Deborah H. White Director of Finance $100,459
Peter B. Martin Technical Services Coordinator $98,460
Richard Brya. Gordon Activities Director $98,381
James B. Hopkins Elementary School Principal $87,305
John G. Hendron Director of Instructional Technology $86,604
Philip L. Turner Supervisor of Maintenance $85,877
Roberta G. Watson Career Placement Counselor $82,864
Michae. Petruzziello High School Teacher - CTE (JROTC) $82,168
Robert M. Covington High School Assistant Principal $81,739
Karen E. Scott High School Assistant Principal $76,859
Debra W. Beasley Director of Special Education and Student Services $76,121
Jennifer S. Bocrie DDOT and Database Coordinator $75,504
Tina L. Mccay Elementary School Principal $73,505
Daniel J. Gardner Elementary School Principal $72,342
Betty B. Thurston Supervisor of Transportation $71,302
Amie. Potter Middle School Assistant Principal $70,842
Christin. East Elementary School Teacher - GIST Coord $70,842
Stacy Lynn. Mott Coordinator of Student Services and Special Educat $70,842
Douglas W. Getter High School Guidance Counselor $70,455
Barbara B. Evans Speech Pathologist $70,347
Elizabeth S. Fowler High School Guidance Counselor $69,975
Micah S. Campbell Technical Services Specialist and Data Analyst $69,035
Bruce O. Watson Director of Career and Technical Education $68,827
Jennifer C. Waggener Special Education Supervisor/School Psychologist $68,013
Diane W. Bennett School Board Clerk/Administrative Services Special $67,835
Robert E. Lawrence Maintenance Worker - HVAC Mechanic Asst Superviso $67,431
Deborah R. Parker Elementary School Teacher $67,012
Kim D. Bachmann High School Teacher $67,012
Martha J. Wunsh School Nurse $64,126
Darlene T. Martin Elementary School Teacher $64,126
Linda M. Arnette Middle School Teacher $64,126
Oliver L. Courtney High School Teacher $63,206
Daniel M. Strong High School Teacher - CTE (JROTC) $62,137
Demetra A. Harris Human Resources Specialist $61,693
Julia L. Norris SPED Teacher - Middle School $61,684
John D. Frith Maintenance Worker-HVAC Tech $60,819
Forrest M. Henley Senior Bus Shop Mechanic $60,226
Melanie C. Stegner SPED Teacher - High School $59,615
Tina Marie. Taylor SPED Teacher - Elementary School $59,615
Michael L. Franklin Bus Shop Mechanic $59,121
Joyce D. Pechan Elementary School Teacher $59,028
Timothy H. Greenway High School Teacher - CTE (Tech Ed) $58,990
Lisa A. Landrum Supervisor of Nutrition $58,971
John J. Dacey Iii SPED Teacher - High School $58,760
Heather H. Slater Speech Pathologist $57,730
Carla L. Williams Speech Pathologist $57,730
Julia P. Harper SPED Teacher - Elementary School $57,048
Glenda B. Hawk Elementary School Teacher - Resource $56,230
Linda S. Davidson Elementary School Guidance Counselor $56,123
Mark Chris. Richmond Maintenance Worker - Electrician $56,064
Stacey L. Rainbolt Middle School Guidance Counselor $55,883
Mary M. Dinger Elementary School Teacher $55,244
Elizabeth Ann. Boyle Goochland Prep teacher $55,139
Anne H. Moore Middle School Teacher - CTE (Tech Ed) $54,806
Marianne. Whisler SPED Teacher - High School $54,616
Karen M. Hall Elementary School PE $53,706
Beverly B. Cooley Library Media Specialist $53,706
Stephanie S. Wyche Accounting Supervisor (Payroll) $53,083
Wendy R. Murray SPED Teacher - Early Childhood $52,847
Diane M. O'Connell SPED Teacher - Elementary School $52,264
Holly C. Swift Elementary School Teacher $52,264
Amy S. Henneberger High School Teacher $52,264
Replacemnt. Springer ACCOUNTING TECHN (PURCHASING) $52,230
Kimberly L. Austin Elementary School Teacher $50,936
Maude R. Hawkins School Nurse $50,936
Maryanne K. Tysinger Elementary School Teacher $50,936
Meredith. Wilkinson School Psychologist $50,870
Donna D. Dickerson SPED Teacher - Early Childhood $50,522
T. Sheffield-Elliott Title I Reading Specialist $50,427
Rhonda D. Kass Middle School Teacher $50,093