2014-15 local government employee salaries

Goochland County

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Total payroll$6,180,173
Median pay$44,518
Average pay$52,374
Highest individual pay$189,314

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Rebecca Dickson County Administrator $189,314
Norman Sales County Attorney $168,118
Claiborne Stokes Comm. Atty $137,949
John Wack Deputy County Admr. for Financial Services $127,406
Dale Agnew Interim Cir Crt Clerk $114,076
Daniel Schardein Iii Deputy County Admin For Comm Dev $113,863
David Caudill Deputy Comm Atty $99,814
Matthew Ryan Director of Economic Dev. $97,925
William Mackay Fire Chief $96,915
Todd Kilduff Director of Public Utilities $88,001
Qiana Foote Director of Information Systems $83,704
Pamela Johnson Treasurer $82,809
Jean Bryant Comm of Rev $82,809
Mary Ann Davis Assessor $82,000
Barbara Horlacher Controller $80,000
Derek Stamey Director-Parks Rec & Facilities $79,960
Gary Fisher Building Official $78,828
Myrtis Quarles Director of Finance $74,723
Kelly Parrish Director of Human Resources $74,723
Dillard Ferguson Deputy Chief $73,055
Debra Byrd Civil/Environmental Eng. $69,352
Frances Ragland Registrar $67,106
Whitney Marshall Asst. County Attorney $66,990
Wanda Tormey Director of Purchasing $66,311
Thomas Coleman Principal Planner $65,525
Mills Jones Jr. CSA/Office on Youth Dir $64,726
Matthew Longshore Utility Engineer $64,653
Jo Anne Hunter Principal Planner $61,405
John Woodburn Stormwater Engineer $61,000
Gerry Langfitt Utility Operator $60,399
James Sutton I/S Systems Engineer $60,216
Curt Kaukas Combination/Commercial Inspector $59,778
Mark Troy I/S Programmer/Analyst $59,767
Larry Hicks Facilities Supervisor $56,789
Timothy Clough Director of Animal Control $55,939
David Lloyd Code Enf. Off./Conv. Center Mgr. $54,654
Janet Newby I/S Support Specialist $53,743
Christi Hess Real Estate Appraiser $53,455
Anita Barnes Zoning Administrator $53,241
Earl Taylor EMT/Firefighter ALS P Lieutenant $53,209
Mark Wilds Utility Operator $52,305
Lisa Beczkiewicz Deputy Clerk BOS $51,291
Jonathan Worley GIS Analyst $51,238
Esis Bowman Real Estate Appraiser $50,730
Ann Jessee Victim Witness Dir/Paralegal $50,282
Michelle Swalin Recreation Manager $50,213
Dana Siano Plans Examiner/Inspector $50,000
Pamela Duncan Chief Deputy Treasurer $49,409
Louis Beck Combination/Residential Inspector $47,844
James Richmond Chief Deputy Clerk $47,396
Laura Sainsbury Chief Deputy Clerk $47,396
Michael Brooking Combination/Residential Inspector $47,134
Benjamin Sears EMT/Firefighter ALS P $46,316
Daniel Coughlin EMT/Firefighter ALS P $46,316
Marie Thompson Legal Secretary $46,098
Paul Drumwright Senior Management & Projects Analyst $45,975
Daniel Sprouse EMT/Firefighter ALS $45,327
Christina Neale Paralegal $45,000
(Name withheld) Utility Inspector $44,518
(Name withheld) EMT/Firefighter ALS $44,111
(Name withheld) EMT/Firefighter ALS $44,111
(Name withheld) Office Manager $43,971
(Name withheld) Business Manager $43,913
(Name withheld) EMT/Firefighter ALS P $43,781
(Name withheld) E&S Inspector $42,447
(Name withheld) EMT/Firefighter BLS $42,010
(Name withheld) Logistics Officer $42,010
(Name withheld) EMT/Firefighter BLS $42,010
(Name withheld) EMT/Firefighter BLS $42,010
(Name withheld) Grounds Supervisor $41,549
(Name withheld) Office Manager $40,913
(Name withheld) Deputy Clerk II $40,911
(Name withheld) Grounds Supervisor $40,600
(Name withheld) Convenience Center Sup $40,600
(Name withheld) Chief Deputy Comm. $40,372