2014-15 local government employee salaries / Dinwiddie County

(Name withheld)

Names withheld for employees making less than than the median salary.

2014-15 total compensation


Pay components:

Dinwiddie County rank67 of 159
% of Dinwiddie County median103%
Hire date2011-03-07

More Dinwiddie County employees

NameTotal pay
W. Kevin Massengill $120,683
Ann Cabell Baskervill $117,173
John Barrett Chappell $110,018
Anne R. Howerton $92,736
Tyler C. Southall $91,800
Dennis E. Hale $90,475
Tammie Judge Collins $88,268
Donald T. Adams $85,326
Lori K. Stevens $83,757
Mark Lee Bassett $82,111
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