2014-15 local government employee salaries

Colonial Heights Schools

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Total payroll$19,888,455
Median pay$44,928
Average pay$43,807
Highest individual pay$138,095

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Joseph Cox Jr Superintendent of Schools $138,095
Troy Hedblom Assistant Superintendent for Business Services $107,298
David Staples Principal $97,831
Haidee Napier Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services $95,425
Kristin Janssen Principal $95,425
Maria Yencha Director of Finance and Budget $91,519
Travis Ridley Principal $90,131
Gwen Moseley Director of Assessment and Data $88,363
Timothy Tillman Director of Technology and Learning $85,207
Remus James Assistant Principal $84,482
Kenny Harrell Director of Maintenance and Facilities $84,219
John Thomas Jr Assistant Principal $84,011
Chrystal George Director of Support Services $82,802
Douglas W. Adams Network Administrator $82,727
Robert Rose Student Activities Director $79,296
William Hortz Principal $78,896
Valerie Wiggins Principal $75,740
Richard Bauer Secondary Teacher $74,376
Roy Parham Vocational Teacher $74,188
Deanna Moreau Instructional Specialist - Math $73,334
Joseph Douglas Instructional Specialist $73,334
Ruth Stewart Occupational Therapist $73,279
James Burnett Assistant Principal $72,993
Bert Krupp Secondary Teacher $72,662
Marde Mott Support Services Specialist $72,584
Joann Moody-Parham Vocational Teacher $71,679
Cynthia Goforth Secondary Teacher $70,674
Kay Rowe Human Resource Manager $69,428
Julie H. Pond School Social Worker $68,625
Melinda Kelley Secondary Teacher $68,530
Wanda Bage Elementary Teacher $68,530
Harry Palatiere Secondary Technology Instructor $68,180
William Ryan Secondary Teacher $67,780
Teresa Murdock Special Education Teacher $67,580
David Napier Vocational Teacher $67,580
Ronald Spedden Secondary Teacher $67,580
Debra Walwer Elementary Technology Instructor $67,580
Kathryn Hanson Gifted Education Teacher $67,580
Ronald Moseley Secondary Teacher $67,580
Karen Scott Secondary Teacher $67,380
Rebecca Farthing Secondary Teacher $67,030
Charles Davis Vocational Teacher $67,030
Robin Rusnak Special Education Teacher $67,030
Mary Buyalos Elementary Teacher $66,397
Candy Weems Instructional Specialist - Reading $66,272
Claudia Taylert Elementary Teacher $66,080
Deborah Banty Elementary Teacher $66,080
Sherie Kennedy Secondary Teacher $66,080
John Brannan Secondary Teacher $66,080
Gayle Miller Librarian $66,080
Janet Rosson Special Education Teacher $66,080
Lisa Craig Elementary Teacher $66,080
Nancy Holleman Elementary Teacher $66,080
Cynthia James Elementary Teacher $66,080
Elizabeth Luck Elementary Teacher $64,617
Betsy Johnson Guidance Counselor $64,515
Martha Winters Elementary Teacher $63,117
Vanessa Braden-Thomas Special Education Teacher $63,102
Diane Corrigan Guidance Counselor $62,280
Cathy Bailey Vocational Teacher $62,205
Michael Brown Secondary Teacher $61,905
Mary Henle Secondary Teacher $61,905
Mary Julie Hughes Elementary Teacher - Title I $61,056
Martha Campbell Elementary Teacher $60,956
Lesly Mcbride Vocational Teacher $60,652
Michael Mccoig Special Education Teacher $60,405
Brian Seely Secondary Teacher $60,206
Rene S. Rush Secondary Teacher $60,204
Darryl Jackson Secondary Teacher $59,985
Lorie Staples ESL Teacher $59,256
Anita Dommert Educational Diagnostician $58,384
Julie Mcconnell Secondary Teacher $57,947
Janet Hodnett Elementary Teacher $57,756
Susan Thompson Elementary Teacher $57,756
Janice Whipple Elementary Teacher $57,756