2014-15 local government employee salaries

City of Richmond

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Total payroll$215,289,149
Median pay$43,853
Average pay$49,846
Highest individual pay$194,254

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Michael N. Herring Commonwealth's Attorney $194,254
Allen L. Jackson City Attorney $186,868
Leo F. Griffin Executive Director Richmond Retirement System $186,768
Christopher L. Beschler Deputy Chief Administrative Officer $185,163
Norman D. Butts Jr. Deputy Chief Administrative Officer $180,000
Debra D. Gardner Deputy Chief Administrative Officer $179,000
Alfred Durham Chief Of Police $172,000
Johnny L. Mclean Director of Human Resources $152,600
Clarence T. Woody Jr. City Sheriff $149,103
Dwight C. Jones Mayor $149,000
Umesh V. Dalal City Auditor $148,150
Mark A. Olinger Director of Planning and Development Review $146,332
Edward F. Jewett Clerk-Circuit Court $145,912
James D. Hester City Assessor $144,613
Paul P. Jez Director of Finance $143,600
Robert A. Creecy Chief Of Fire & Emergency Services $143,107
David Hicks Director of Social Services $142,640
Robert Steidel Director of Public Utilities $142,534
Norman C. Merrifield "Director of Parks Recreation & Community Facilities $141,489
Peter L. Downey Jr. Director of Economic and Community Development $140,454
Douglas E. Mccollough Director of Information Technology $140,000
James A. Jackson Jr. Director of Public Works $139,740
Lou B. Ali Council Chief of Staff $139,731
Learned D. Barry Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $138,317
Harriet H. Coalter Library Director $138,269
Rufus Fleming Director of Justice Services $133,500
Jay A. Brown Director of Budget and Strategic Planning $132,882
Grant O. Neely Chief of Staff of the Mayor's Office $132,000
John C. Bullard Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $131,848
C Edward Gibbs Jr. Director of Procurement Services $130,000
Jane C. Ferrara Deputy Director II $129,891
Mary E. Langer Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $128,999
Tammy D. Hawley Press Secretary $126,450
Stephen M. Willoughby Director of Emergency Communications $126,000
Colette Mceachin Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $124,879
Rhonda A. Gilmer Deputy Director II $124,407
Letitia L. Shelton Deputy Director II $124,248
Mark J. Kronenthal Senior Policy Advisor $123,971
Angelia G. Yancey Deputy Director II $123,880
Elmond D. Taylor Deputy Fire Chief $122,315
John J. Buturla Deputy Chief of Police/Operations $122,247
Leon Glaster Jr. Deputy Director II $122,186
Eric D. English Deputy Chief of Police/Operations $121,206
Amarilis M. Hernandez Deputy Director I $120,324
Daniel H. Cohen "Manager Real Estate Services $119,646
Manbhupinder S. Khara Deputy Director II $119,646
Bobby Vincent Jr. Deputy Director II $119,361
Bonnie M. Ashley Senior Assistant City Attorney $117,753
Kate D. O'Leary Senior Assistant City Attorney $117,529
Keith D. Barron Chief Of Risk Management $117,161
Douglas H. Murrow Commissioner Of Buildings $116,524
Sharon M. Mcdonald Chief of Revenue Administration $116,000
Scott E. Schoenhut Fire Battalion Chief $114,785
Warren A. Cersley Fire Battalion Chief $114,785
Lawrence E. Glidewell Jr. Fire Battalion Chief $114,785
Thomas E. Flynn City Traffic Engineer $113,655
Denise Lawus Deputy Director II $113,403
Rosemary H. Green Deputy Director II $112,628
Tanya H. Powell Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $112,583
Emmanuel O. Adediran Deputy Director II $112,200
Delores G. Anderson Chief of Staff $112,104
Christie L. Chipps "Director Office of Animal Care and Control $112,100
Jean V. Capel City Clerk $109,858
Victoria N. Pearson Executive Advisor $109,825
Sydney G. Collier Police Major $109,242
Douglas Dunlap Deputy Director II $109,242
Jane K. Showalter General Registrar $109,084
Paul S. Kiniry Police Captain $109,021
Paul W. Florenz Information Technology Manager $108,873
Fred P. Rosen Deputy Director II $108,351
Laura K. Drewry Senior Assistant City Attorney $108,324
Thomas O. Fitzpatrick Deputy Director II $108,120
Michael E. Hollomon Assistant Commonwealth Attorney $107,909
Haskell C. Brown Iii Senior Assistant City Attorney $107,763
Billie C. Winzor Manager of Human Resources $107,753