2013-14 State of Virginia salaries / Senate of Virginia

(Name withheld)
Legislative Assistant

Names withheld for employees making less than than the median salary.

2013-14 total compensation


Pay components:

% of Senate of Virginia median87%


Additional compensation may include office expenses, session per diem and payment for meetings attended outside of session

More Senate of Virginia employees

NameTotal pay
Susan C. Schaar $165,139
John Mce Garrett $154,899
Elizabeth B. Daley $151,890
Rebecca L. Covey $142,251
Clyde E. Cristman $140,140
Richard E. Hickman, Jr $128,328
Tara H. Perkinson $125,740
Johnye A. Bennett $124,915
Michael P. Adams $121,000
Sarah E. Herzog $112,762
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