2013-14 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation

About Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation

Total payroll$9,745,750
Median pay$53,432
Average pay$58,010
Highest individual pay$121,090

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Nick A. Christner Compliance Manager III $121,090
Steven L. Arthur Gen Admin Manager III $113,582
Jeanne H. Branch Info Technology Manager I $104,997
Mark N. Courtney Gen Admin Manager III $103,952
Pamela J. Kamalakkannan Financial Services Manager II $101,878
Norman E. Rothwell Info Technology Specialist III $97,997
Gail E. Sauvager Info Technology Specialist III $97,404
Satish Ramabhadran Info Technology Specialist III $96,604
Douglas W. Schroder Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr III $93,016
Heather S. Gillespie Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr II $92,106
Cassandra L. Lewis Gen Admin Manager II $91,548
Jeffrey L. Waite Financial Services Spec III $91,073
Sharon G. Beall Prog Admin Specialist III $88,860
Pratt P. Stelly Compliance Manager II $87,477
Randolph J. Marcus Chief Deputy $86,135
Dawn Z. Waters Policy Planning Manager II $86,010
Eric L. Olson Prog Admin Manager III $85,929
Kathleen R. Nosbisch Prog Admin Manager III $85,643
Bonnie R. Adams Compliance Manager II $85,149
Lizbeth T. Hayes Compliance Manager II $84,470
Christine M. Martine Prog Admin Manager III $84,082
Mary Carol Broz-Vaughan Prog Admin Specialist III $83,883
Johnathan T. Darden Compliance Manager II $83,801
Linda B. Bell Human Resource Analyst III $83,765
Carol A. Mitchell Compliance Manager II $83,416
Valerie J. Matney Compliance Manager II $83,117
Jennifer H. Kazzie Gen Admin Supv II/Coord II $82,060
William H. Ferguson Compliance Manager II $81,128
Trisha L. Henshaw Prog Admin Manager III $80,752
Romualdo C. Quimpo Procurement Officer II $80,750
Laura J. Culp Info Technology Specialist II $80,425
Demetrios J. Melis Prog Admin Manager III $78,105
Judith E. Duff Compliance Manager I $77,823
Billy E. Murray Training & Instruction Mgr I $75,945
Amy C. Chappell Compliance Manager I $74,322
Jeffrey W. Buckley Compliance Manager I $71,857
Sherell D. Queen Compliance/Safety Officer III $70,340
Jill R. Hrynciw Prog Admin Specialist II $69,940
David L. Holland Prog Admin Specialist II $69,041
E N. Matthews Compliance/Safety Officer III $68,494
Christie J. Brown Compliance Manager I $68,415
Earnest S. Atkins Compliance/Safety Officer III $67,887
Jonathan D. Roth Compliance Manager I $67,799
Trudy D. Miller Compliance/Safety Officer III $66,694
Deanda N. Shelton Compliance/Safety Officer IV $65,794
Jeffrey S. Williams Prog Admin Specialist II $65,627
Iris C. Street Compliance/Safety Officer IV $65,611
Marian H. Brooks Prog Admin Specialist II $64,984
Christine J. Bourcy Compliance/Safety Officer III $64,858
Rachel E. Welch Compliance Manager I $64,046
Charles E. Hoover Financial Services Manager I $63,955
Kevin E. Hoeft Prog Admin Specialist II $63,836
Debra P. Benton Financial Services Spec I $63,809
Phyllis Yvette Blair Human Resource Analyst II $62,903
Sharon E. Dunsing Compliance/Safety Officer III $61,957
Joseph C. Haughwout Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr I $61,655
Jennifer S. Gallini Gen Admin Supv II/Coord II $61,261
Magdalena B. Francisco Financial Services Spec II $61,189
Herbert W. Nichols Compliance/Safety Officer III $60,790
Shelby A. Smith Hill Compliance/Safety Officer III $60,736
Curtis W. Mitchell Compliance/Safety Officer III $60,390
Stephen D. Kirschner Prog Admin Specialist II $60,000
Ann S. Tackett Compliance Manager I $59,570
Christopher J. Everitt Info Technology Specialist I $58,905
Renee H. Popielarz Compliance/Safety Officer III $58,725
Alexina M. Borkey Policy Planning Manager I $58,673
Timothy R. Hairston Compliance/Safety Officer III $58,020
Latonya S. Washington Financial Services Spec II $57,982
Michael W. Leedom Compliance/Safety Officer IV $57,874
Michelle N. Couch Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr I $57,848
Thomas K. Perry Prog Admin Specialist II $57,384
Michael J. Heaney Compliance/Safety Officer III $56,957
Kimberly G. Robinson Compliance Manager I $56,685
Randy A. Brooks Compliance/Safety Officer III $56,528
Sheree L. Dean Financial Services Spec I $56,287