2013-14 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Housing and Community Development

About Department of Housing and Community Development

Total payroll$5,683,098
Median pay$58,000
Average pay$63,855
Highest individual pay$128,772

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William C. Shelton Dir Dept of Housing & Com Dev $128,772
Alvin D. Williams Gen Admin Manager III $110,121
Basil I. Gooden Chief Deputy $107,697
Lisa A. Atkinson Gen Admin Manager III $107,100
Emory R. Rodgers Gen Admin Manager III $105,478
Todd M. Christensen Gen Admin Manager III $102,493
Velma J. Ballard Gen Admin Manager II $101,669
Tod J. Love Info Technology Manager I $97,981
William J. Ernst Policy Planning Manager II $97,054
Chris Thompson Gen Admin Manager III $91,804
Cindy L. Davis Architect/Engineering Mgr II $90,088
Willie Fobbs Prog Admin Manager III $86,648
Qian S. Jiang Info Technology Specialist III $84,515
Louellen Brumgard Prog Admin Manager III $84,273
Denise H. Ambrose Prog Admin Manager III $81,875
Jackie T. Stump Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $81,820
Sandra E. Morris Training & Instruction Mgr I $80,732
Kathy D. Robertson Prog Admin Manager III $80,715
Lyndsi L. Austin Policy Planning Spec III $80,586
Michelle D. Jones Prog Admin Manager II $78,944
Stephen W. Calhoun Policy Planning Spec II $77,819
Eric Leatherby Compliance/Safety Officer IV $72,874
Solomon G. Girmay Financial Services Spec II $72,576
Zachary L. Robbins Policy Planning Manager II $71,435
Darryl C. Hicks Financial Services Manager I $71,155
Vernon W. Hodge Architect/Engineering Mgr I $70,431
Nancy S. Palmer Prog Admin Manager II $70,015
Teresa D. Smithers Human Resource Manager I $68,382
Tonya D. Thomas Financial Services Manager I $68,340
Edward M. Lanza Policy Planning Spec III $67,810
Martha Joanne Peerman Prog Admin Manager II $67,182
Lorenzo E. Dyer Compliance/Safety Officer IV $66,566
Nichele J. Carver Prog Admin Manager II $64,650
Richard C. Potts Compliance/Safety Officer IV $62,979
Alexis M. Thompson Prog Admin Manager II $62,500
Elizabeth I. Boehringer Prog Admin Specialist II $62,347
Valrae E. Negley Compliance/Safety Officer IV $62,118
Wyatt L. Little Policy Planning Spec II $61,653
Christopher V. Mattox Procurement Officer II $60,783
Alan W. Mcmahan Compliance/Safety Officer IV $60,669
Roger Harper Compliance/Safety Officer IV $59,768
Carol E. Garland Financial Services Spec II $59,745
Cheri L. Miles Prog Admin Manager II $58,905
Amanda D. Pearson PR & Mktg Spec IV $58,034
Bryan M. Burris Compliance/Safety Officer IV $58,000
John David Conmy Policy Planning Spec II $58,000
Thomas W. Stephens Prog Admin Specialist II $57,834
Aqueelah Mahdi Walker Financial Services Spec II $57,805
Traci D. Munyan Prog Admin Specialist II $57,327
Douglas Jackson Prog Admin Specialist II $56,935
Bradley P. Belo Prog Admin Specialist II $56,850
Ramona R. Chapman Prog Admin Specialist II $55,404
Kevin E. Hobbs Prog Admin Specialist II $55,253
Sabrina E. Blackett Prog Admin Specialist II $54,352
Stephen L. Austin Media Specialist III $54,070
Beverley A. Coleman Prog Admin Specialist II $54,070
Joy M. Rumley Prog Admin Specialist II $53,660
Douglas S. Ellis Prog Admin Specialist II $53,550
Monica Ruth Spradlin Prog Admin Specialist II $53,495
Joseph Blevins Prog Admin Specialist II $53,266
Dawn A. Scott Prog Admin Specialist II $53,040
Jason C. Sams Prog Admin Specialist II $53,015
Cassandra A. Lewis Prog Admin Specialist II $52,785
Julienne Yvonne Joseph Prog Admin Specialist II $52,604
Benjamin Rajan Engh Trainer and Instructor III $52,150
Matthew J. Weaver Prog Admin Specialist II $50,600
Wendy G. Baker Human Resource Analyst I $50,380
Charlotte R. Carter Trainer and Instructor II $50,015
Violet J. Peyton Financial Services Spec I $49,864
David L. Adams Prog Admin Specialist II $48,264
Robert Glen Satchell Info Technology Specialist II $47,940
Eula M. Scott Financial Services Spec I $47,845
(Name withheld) Prog Admin Specialist II $46,528
(Name withheld) Financial Services Spec I $46,000
(Name withheld) Prog Admin Specialist II $46,000