2013-14 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of General Services

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Total payroll$33,069,308
Median pay$47,941
Average pay$53,683
Highest individual pay$152,104

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Richard F. Sliwoski Dir Dept of General Services $152,104
Edward Gully Architect/Engineering Mgr III $140,760
Thomas L. York Scientist Manager III $137,049
Joseph F. Damico Gen Admin Manager III $136,006
Bryan W. Wagner Financial Services Manager III $123,936
John E. Forrest Procurement Manager IV $123,738
William M. Coppa Architect/Engineering Mgr III $121,154
Robert E. Gleason Procurement Manager IV $120,000
Thomas George Architect/Engineering Mgr III $119,659
Maurion A. Edwards Info Technology Manager II $118,590
Robert L. Sievert Procurement Manager III $117,475
Holly L. Eve Procurement Manager IV $115,000
Katherine A. Kennedy Human Resource Manager II $113,781
Linwood J. Spindle Procurement Manager III $109,782
William A. Diamond Policy Planning Spec III $105,687
Vickie G. Tyson Info Technology Manager I $103,226
Carl R. Smith Architect/Engineering Mgr II $102,457
James Irwin Elderman Architect/Engineering Mgr III $102,200
Barbara S. Garnett Info Technology Manager I $102,070
Denise M. Toney Scientist Manager III $101,977
Ronald L. King Procurement Manager III $100,868
Marion L. Lancaster Info Technology Manager I $100,457
Wanda C. Andrews Scientist Manager II $100,384
Timothy J. Bishton Financial Services Manager II $100,161
Edwin F. Shaw Scientist Manager II $99,701
Haritha Dasari Info Technology Manager I $99,473
Steven M. Matsko Architect/Engineer II $99,437
Philip Ucci Architect/Engineering Mgr II $99,282
Les C. Harcum Architect/Engineering Mgr II $99,266
Arthur G. Mills Scientist Manager II $99,012
James C. Raha Architect/Engineer II $98,681
Alan F. Paxton Info Technology Specialist III $97,920
Karen Solarte Info Technology Specialist III $97,920
Tasneem Hyder Info Technology Specialist III $97,816
Sandra L. Gill Procurement Manager III $97,388
Brian L. Hudnall Architect/Engineering Mgr II $97,257
William J. Crodick Architect/Engineer II $97,133
James H. Frye Architect/Engineer II $96,824
Michael A. Chapman Architect/Engineer II $96,700
David A. Dumais Info Technology Specialist III $94,860
John M. Whitfield Architect/Engineer II $93,731
Lawrence E. Bolt Info Technology Specialist III $93,150
Michael Stephen Christensen Architect/Engineer II $92,820
David A. Nims Procurement Manager III $92,756
Fred S. Kirby Architect/Engineer II $92,691
Patrick G. Mcdonough Architect/Engineer II $92,126
Anne B. Hooker Architect/Engineer II $91,782
Annette B. Grier Audit Services Manager II $91,193
Ronald S. Semel Architect/Engineer II $91,035
Sang Han Info Technology Specialist III $90,780
Ronald L. Thompson Architect/Engineer II $90,413
Jan E. Giffin Procurement Manager III $89,500
William Lee Info Technology Specialist III $89,500
Shane A. Caudill Procurement Officer III $89,480
Maria F. Hatcher Info Technology Specialist III $89,139
Lourdes F. Lunsford Info Technology Specialist III $89,122
Dennis Paul Nettesheim Info Technology Specialist III $88,988
Andrew Repak Procurement Manager III $88,755
Michael Lloyd Bisogno Gen Admin Manager II $88,748
Parvin Mirshahi Info Technology Specialist III $88,727
J P. Stamps Procurement Manager III $88,195
Charles R. Kinney Info Technology Specialist III $88,090
Linoise V. Edassery Info Technology Specialist III $88,021
Christopher J. Retarides Scientist III $88,004
Richard F. Messer Architect/Engineer II $87,822
Dennis W. Klement Financial Services Manager I $87,546
Mary H. Hom Architect/Engineer II $87,279
Matthew S. Duerksen Architect/Engineer II $86,954
Chinh T. Vu Architect/Engineering Mgr I $86,588
Mark W. Dreyer Architect/Engineer II $86,499
Sandra Whitehead Architect/Engineer II $86,044
Terry Allen Steen Architect/Engineer II $86,000
Kenneth C. Mccullough Procurement Manager III $85,000
Mazhar Abbas Info Technology Specialist II $84,609
Joel D. Padow Info Technology Specialist III $84,235