2013-14 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Fire Programs

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Total payroll$3,939,534
Median pay$57,300
Average pay$57,934
Highest individual pay$89,887

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Willie G. Shelton Exec Dir Dept of Fire Programs $89,887
Brook M. Pittinger Chief Deputy $89,000
Charles E. Altizer Compliance Manager II $88,229
Ronald C. Reynolds Compliance Manager II $86,096
Russell K. Chandler Training & Instruction Mgr II $83,819
Melvin L. Byrne Training & Instruction Mgr I $82,923
Donald Edward Hansen Training & Instruction Mgr II $82,302
Claude O. Hutton Compliance Manager I $82,243
Christine L. Lopilato Financial Services Spec III $81,696
Thomas D. Payne Compliance Manager I $78,834
David M. Jolly Training & Instruction Mgr I $73,086
Stephen E. Grainer Training & Instruction Mgr I $71,831
Robert P. Bailey Training & Instruction Mgr I $71,667
Glenn A. Dean Compliance/Safety Officer IV $70,268
Donald F. Brown Training & Instruction Mgr I $68,246
Michael Joseph Dileo Info Technology Specialist II $67,798
Thomas H. Phalen Training & Instruction Mgr I $66,982
Teresa H. Robinson Compliance/Safety Officer IV $66,904
Rhonn M. James Financial Services Spec II $65,487
Stewart P. Conrad Compliance/Safety Officer IV $65,164
Calvin D. Madsen Compliance/Safety Officer IV $64,168
Brett R. Williams Compliance/Safety Officer IV $62,705
Kenneth A. Muhleman Training & Instruction Mgr I $61,851
Andrew O. Brodie Info Technology Specialist III $61,261
Mohamed G. Abbamin Policy Planning Spec I $61,200
John F. Mccormick Compliance/Safety Officer IV $60,757
Dwight E. Crews Policy Planning Spec II $60,344
Clinton A. Butts Compliance/Safety Officer IV $60,000
Louis A. Dennis Compliance/Safety Officer IV $59,230
Samuel W. Burnette Policy Planning Spec I $59,136
David E. Wyatt Compliance/Safety Officer IV $58,686
Steven M. Sites Compliance/Safety Officer IV $58,268
Mark L. Buff PR & Mktg Mgr II $57,795
William T. Worthington Compliance/Safety Officer IV $57,300
Dennis C. Price Training & Instruction Mgr I $56,890
Erin B. Rice Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $56,705
George B. Williamson Compliance/Safety Officer IV $56,598
Timothy W. Hansbrough Training & Instruction Mgr I $55,978
Steven K. Lindblad Compliance/Safety Officer III $54,352
David S. Brown Compliance/Safety Officer IV $53,919
Valeria S. Ribeiro-Quimpo Procurement Officer I $53,908
Joseph E. Thompson Financial Services Spec II $53,734
Thomas E. Berry Training & Instruction Mgr I $53,664
William J. Hall Compliance/Safety Officer III $53,550
Shawn C. Stanley Compliance/Safety Officer III $52,343
Herald F. Good Compliance/Safety Officer IV $52,036
Timothy M. Estes Training & Instruction Mgr I $51,408
Darnell Weatherington Compliance/Safety Officer III $51,237
Kenneth L. Kent Compliance/Safety Officer III $51,070
John M. Fugman Training & Instruction Mgr I $48,958
Janette B. White Financial Services Spec I $47,539
Clark D. Mitchell Compliance/Safety Officer III $47,331
Michael Yingling Compliance/Safety Officer III $46,921
(Name withheld) Financial Services Spec I $46,000
(Name withheld) Compliance/Safety Officer III $44,307
(Name withheld) Compliance/Safety Officer III $43,240
(Name withheld) Info Technology Specialist I $43,125
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $41,507
(Name withheld) Equipment Serv Repair Tech II $40,835
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $38,490
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $36,500
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $34,991
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $34,808
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $33,331
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $33,331
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $32,811
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $32,354
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $30,600