2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Tourism Authority

About Virginia Tourism Authority

Total payroll$5,123,361
Median pay$63,056
Average pay$72,160
Highest individual pay$177,258

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Rita D. Mcclenny President And Ceo $177,258
Christopher A. Canfield Vp, Partnership Marketing $143,456
Elizabeth L. Mclaughlin Research Director $134,932
Diane M. Bechamps Vice President, Marketing $128,172
Mitchell A. Rosenfeld Vice President, Operations And Finance $126,749
Andrew G. Edmunds Vp, Film $122,481
Wirt S. Confroy Partnership Marketing Outreach Director $115,290
David C. Neudeck Electronic Marketing Director $112,658
Bobbie C. Walker Parntership Marketing Education Director $105,341
Cheryl B. Exley Creative Services Director $104,841
Steven F. Galyean Partnership Marketing Development Director $101,741
Carol N. Torricelli Diretor Of Sales $100,772
Valerie P. Guffy Customer And Partner Services Director $99,298
Thad A. Smith Advertising Director $93,732
Mary N. Schoen Promotions Manager $93,500
Mary F. Bishop Electronic Marketing Manager $87,249
Sandra F. Tanner Partnership Marketing Development Specialist $83,788
Randall A. Rose Partnership Marketing Development Specialist $83,788
Karen W. Barker Partnership Marketing Development Specialist $83,788
Judy L. Watkins Government And Industry Liaison $82,518
Thomas A. Kirk Multi-Media Specialist $81,084
Frances W. Elliott Assistant Graphic Design Manager $78,502
Heidi D. Johannesen International Marketing Director $77,370
Joni A. Johnson National Sales Manager $75,310
Paige W. Read Partnership Marketing Outreach Specialist $72,868
Marie J. Henderson Revenue Program Coordinator $72,487
Terry S. Minor Purchasing Manager $72,280
Richard B. Lewis Public Relations Manager $71,918
Casey L. Higgins Electronic Marketing Content Specialist $69,497
Janet G. Kimble Operations Manager - East $69,304
Gary E. Jeffrey Operations Manager - West $69,304
Mary K. Severin Sr. Marketing Assistant $66,882
Jane K. Lammay Asst. International Marketing Manager $64,498
Judith D. Kirby Tourism Relations Manager $63,550
Angela L. Wiggins Partnership Marketing Development Coordinator $63,056
Donna M. Powers Tourism Relations Manager $62,631
Robin S. Mamunes Sr. Marketing Assistant $62,081
Cherron F. Davis Tourism Relations Manager $60,351
Mary H. Bozorth Office Manager $60,217
Stephanie B. Slocum Partnership Marketing Development Specialist $59,610
Jeffrey M. Hess Tourism Relations Manager $59,598
Marie G. Taylor Tourism Relations Manager $59,226
Daryl L. Neville Distribution Center Manager $59,212
Catherine A. Waltrip Tourism Relations Manager $59,212
Georg S. Horvath Media Imaging Specialist $58,722
Kathryn A. Stephens Industry Relations Manager $58,310
Deirdre K. Brooks Assistant Manager $58,205
Noelle C. Baker Tour Manager $57,884
Michael A. Banks Distribution Center Supervisor $56,763
Danielle M. Emerson Public Relations Specialist $56,547
Tonja M. Koger Tourism Relations Manager $55,802
Joyce D. Gardner Assistant Manager $54,932
Kathleen J. Reilly Tourism Relations Manager $53,083
Teresa L. Collins Tourism Relations Manager $51,162
Athelia M. Chongasing Procurement/Receivables Specialist $50,677
Sarah A. Hauser Digital Imaging Specialist $50,352
William T. Carroll Budget And Finance Assistant $49,869
Shirley E. Edwards Assistant Manager $49,554
Amanda L. Slaughter Assistant Manager $49,199
Caitlin N. Castainca Marketing Coordinator $49,148
Gloria M. Rhodes Assistant Manager $48,513
Kelly D. Tyree Assistant Manager $48,346
Barrie J. Rew Assistant Manager $48,189
Paul D. Nix Tour Manager $47,996
Lynn N. Smith Assistant Manager $44,863
(Name withheld) Marketing Assistant $44,051
(Name withheld) Assistant Manager $43,601
(Name withheld) Assistant Manager $38,067
(Name withheld) Distribution Center Assistant $37,758
(Name withheld) Distribution Center Assistant $37,758
(Name withheld) Assistant Manager $32,610