2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia State Corporation Commission

About Virginia State Corporation Commission

Total payroll$42,853,857
Median pay$60,943
Average pay$68,456
Highest individual pay$184,634

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Danny M Payne Chief Admin Officer $184,634
John F. Dudley Counsel To Commission. $168,714
James C. Dimitri Scc Chairman $168,472
Mark C. Christie Scc Commissioner $166,734
Judith W. Jagdmann Scc Commissioner $166,680
Janet Lafleur Info Technology Director. $154,500
Jacqueline A.K. Cunningham Insurance Commissioner $154,033
William F. Stephens Energy Regulation Director. $154,033
William Irby Telecom Director $154,033
Edward Joseph Jr. Face Fin Inst Commissioner. $154,033
Deborah V Ellenberg Chief Hearing Examiner. $154,033
Susan Doyle Larsen Uaf Director $154,033
Ronald W. Thomas Srf Director. $152,520
Massoud Tahamtani Util And Rrs Dir $151,153
William H. Chambliss General Counsel $151,153
Ronald A. Gibson Advisor To The Commission $151,153
Nicholas C. Kyrus Fin Inst Deputy Commissioner $150,867
Joel H. Peck Clerk Of The Scc. $150,205
Cody D. Walker Energy Regulation Assistant Director $149,334
Douglas C. Stolte Ins Deputy Commissioner $147,590
Robert S. Tucker Public Service Tax Director. $146,986
Kent K. Peterson Uaf Deputy Director $145,281
Steven Bradley Human Resources Director $144,488
John M. Crockett Fin Inst Deputy Commissioner $143,980
Wayne N Smith Sr Counsel $141,406
Mary M. Bannister Ins Deputy Commissioner $141,072
Kathleen A. Cummings Telecom Deputy Director. $140,939
Arlen K. Bolstad Sr Counsel $140,069
Thomas M. Gouldin Srf Deputy Director. $139,397
Alexander F. Jr. Skirpan Sr Hearing Examiner $139,181
Leo A. Jr. Padis Comptroller $139,050
Lawrence T Oliver Uaf Deputy Director $136,995
Brian P. Gaudiose Ins Deputy Commissioner $135,841
Howard P. Anderson Hearing Examiner $135,397
Scott A. White Dep Gen Counsel - Fin Serv $135,188
Kenneth J. Schrad Info Resources Director. $133,900
Ernest L. Iii. Johnson Life And Health Ins Actuary $133,356
Glenn Richardson Sr Counsel $132,025
Susan E. Hancock Fin Inst Deputy Commissioner $130,008
Kimberly B. Pate Uaf Deputy Director $128,750
Ron Klipp Info Technology Asst Dir $128,699
Debra M. Bollinger Sr Counsel $128,655
Althelia P. Battle Ins Deputy Commissioner $127,465
Michael D. Thomas Hearing Examiner $127,097
James M Hotinger Util And Rrs Asst Dir $123,600
David R. Eichenlaub Energy Regulation Assistant Director $122,871
John Lacy Sr Project Manager $121,926
William T. Lough Principal Utilities Engineer $120,114
Timothy R. Faherty Energy Regulation Assistant Director $118,450
Chanel E. Hobbs Assistant Comptroller $114,270
Maureen Stinger Associate General Counsel $113,558
Charles R Dickerson Chief Fin Inst Examiner $113,423
Grayson L Walters Is Security Mgr $112,734
Angela P. Bowser Info Resources Assistant Director. $111,611
Roger A Neher Sr Project Manager $111,240
Donald C. Beatty Sr Counsel $110,999
Sheree L. King Telecom Competition Specialist. $110,494
John B. Farmer Database Manager $109,215
John R. Turner Mgr Of Examinations $108,768
David H Smith Chief Ins Examiner. $108,717
Angela B. Moseley Applications Manager $108,150
Brandy E. Mikell Assistant To The Comptroller $108,150
Ronald D. Mckissick Principal Util Appraiser $108,007
Lewis Dodridge Jr Clarke Applications Manager $107,608
Joanne G. Scott Chief Ins Market Examiner $106,691
Michael J. Tyler Computer Services Manager $105,000
Gerald E. Fallen Fin Inst Deputy Commissioner $104,458
Donnie L. Kidd Sr Counsel $104,391
Robert W. Hughes Mgr Of Examinations $103,864
Robert P Bishop Fin Inst Principal Fin Analyst $103,432
Edward J. Jr. Buyalos Ins Mgr Of Audits $103,166
Craig Chupp Life And Health Ins Actuary $103,000
Todd E Rose Sr Counsel $102,743
Mary R. Carter Advisor To The Commission $102,743
James E. Ferguson Computer Services Manager $102,322