2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Retirement System

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Total payroll$27,368,495
Median pay$64,143
Average pay$91,533
Highest individual pay$670,313

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Ronald D. Schmitz Chief Investment Officer $670,313
Charles W. Grant Managing Director -Internal Asset Manage $545,000
John T. Grier Director Internal Equity Management $500,000
Kenneth C. Howell Managing Director-Global Investments $489,855
Field H. Griffith Director Real Assests $482,000
John P. Alouf Director Private Equity $452,000
Steven P. Peterson Managing Director-Research, Risk Managem $433,377
Stephen R. Mcclelland Director Of Credit Stratagies $415,000
Bryan R. Gardiner Director Internal Fixed Income Managemen $368,000
Matthew L. Lacy Portfolio Manager $348,000
Daniel Whitlock Director-Global Equity $342,000
Alex R. Muniz Portfolio Manager $313,000
Brian Bolcar Portfolio Manager $282,000
Weldon J. Wirick Portfolio Manager $225,000
Laura Pugliese Portfolio Manager-Dc Plans $219,000
Lawrence B. Tentor Research Manager $218,051
John M. Clayton Portfolio Manager $218,000
Joseph P. Kennebeck Senior Investment Officer $216,000
Walker J. Noland Senior Investment Officer $209,000
Thomas J. Coleman Senior Investment Officer-Real Assets $206,500
Thomas C. Mulvin Senior Investment Officer $202,373
Ross M. Kasarda Risk Manager $200,000
Parham Behrooz Portfolio Manager -Internal Fixed Income $200,000
Daniel C. Schlussler Portfolio Manager $195,000
James P. Murphy Senior Investment Officer $193,000
Robert P. Schultze Director $178,871
Holly R. Glass Senior Investment Officer $175,275
Franklin O. Berry Director Internal Audit $171,742
Cynthia W. Comer Policy, Planning And Compliance Director $170,985
Leland F. Beaton Chief Technology And Security Officer $170,727
Thomas A. Mcclish Senior Investment Officer $168,631
David Waltenbaugh Senior Investment Officer $167,051
Scott M. Mootz Senior Investment Officer $167,000
Barry C. Faison Chief Financial Officer $164,555
Steven Woodall Senior Investment Officer $162,000
Patricia S. Bishop Deputy Director $157,330
Virginia L. Bomar Business Architect For Modernization $152,207
Curtis M. Mattson Chief Administrative Officer $150,504
Denise Rasmussen Manager-Program And Quality Management $142,891
Kathryn A. Quiriconi Controller $140,084
Deardrian B. Carver Chief Customer Relations Officer $139,014
Brian Goodman Legal Affairs And Compliance Coordinator $135,529
David V. Swann Compliance Officer -Investments $134,028
Richard W. Wiltshire Iii Senior Investment Officer $132,000
Krishnarao V. Dandamudi Program Manager For Implementing Vrs Pen $130,000
Kenneth C. Robertson Jr Human Resources Director $129,905
Perry A. Corsello Senior Investment Officer $127,000
Vera M. Pleasants Operations Manager $125,704
Anil D. Purmasir Manager-Business Solutions $123,844
Bryan Oliff J Investment Officer $121,000
Vu M. Le Investment Officer $121,000
Rory J. Badura Senior Staff Actuary $120,189
Hajara J. Sarki-Hurd Senior Investment Officer-Real Assets $120,000
William H. Gentry Senior Investment Officer $118,000
Richard Flaherty Technical Architect $115,726
Jeanne L. Chenault Public Relations Director $114,387
Shanta J. Harris Chief Customer Programs Offr $113,871
Timothy W. Moore Procurement Manager $109,242
Michael J. Mcdaniel Manager-Information Security $108,620
Linda F. Walker Assistant Audit Director $108,046
Sonja B. Korb Appl Dev And Tech Integ Mgr $106,495
Trevor Dodson Acting Technology Manager-Infrastructure $105,490
Richard S. Rogness Technology Support Team Leader $102,751
Sharon K. Martin Senior Data Base Analyst 2 $102,000
Thomas S. Terbush Senior .Net Developer $100,000
Otto H. Kretzer Senior It Security Engineer $99,910
Martha V. Lewis Technology Solutions Analyst $99,888
Karla J. Gerner Hr Manager $99,363
Laurie L. Nelson Senior Compliance Analyst $97,860
Jeffery L. Herndon Senior .Net Developer $96,900
Chris Thompson Senior .Net Developer $96,900
Deborah P. Burgess Manager-Systems Management $96,432
Pamela E. Dutile Modernization Team3 $95,635
Abida W. Arezo Investment Accounting Manager $95,247
Jeff Collins Senior Data Base Analyst $94,631