2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

University of Virginia Medical Center

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Total payroll$317,935,873
Median pay$44,574
Average pay$51,663
Highest individual pay$520,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Mark Andersen Chief Info And Tech Officer $520,000
Robert H. Cofield Assoc Vp For Hosp&Clinics Ops $487,126
Lorna M. Facteau Chief Nursing Officer $312,125
John W. Boswell Chief Human Resources Officer $271,740
Patricia Cluff Hallmark Assoc Vp For Strat Dev And Mktg $270,300
William James Gayne Chf Financial Officer,Hosp&Cl $245,145
Thomas A. Harkins Chief Environ Of Care Officer $228,160
Scott M. Croonquist Assoc Chief Nursing Officer $226,027
Mark Cyril Pulczinski Associate Chief, Revenue Cycle $224,000
James Amato Chief Clinical Ancillary Svc $218,823
Jody Kay Reyes Admin Cancer Services $215,000
Karen L. Forsman Assoc Chief Heart And Vascular $208,683
Raymond J. Lindsay Certified Regnuranest Pool $208,000
Kathleen Merlino Certified Regnuranest Pool $208,000
Rebecca L. Schmale Admin Hr And Org Development $203,940
Michael Borton Admin Hope $200,000
Michelle D. Hereford Chief Of Trans Care Hospital $200,000
Kevin E. Fox Admin Facilities Plng And Constr $192,474
Rafael Saenz Admin Pharmacy Services $191,760
Kurt F. Heyssel Chief Supply Chain $190,453
Gary F. Cuccia Rn Anesthetist-Chief $184,151
Ronald E. Smith Certified Rn Anesthetist $183,631
Margaret M. Smith Certified Rn Anesthetist $182,070
Judith Kelley Benes Certified Rn Anesthetist $180,553
Teresa M. Haller Admin Nursing Business Ops $180,000
Ann H. Winer Certified Rn Anesthetist $179,520
Thomas Arthur Mchugh Certified Rn Anesthetist $178,203
Kirk Willis Tanner Certified Rn Anesthetist $177,480
Deborah B. Schuyler Certified Rn Anesthetist $175,769
Robert K. Perry Admin Information Services $175,272
Michael G. Gelvin Perfusionist - Chief $174,283
Rebecca A. Lewis Admin Clinical Logistics And Pla $173,845
Mark W. Monroe Admin Information Services $173,570
Kathy Jean Frase Certified Rn Anesthetist $172,273
Nancy R. Prouty Admin Radiology $171,163
Melissa Palis Frederick Dir Total Rewards And Talent Acq $168,300
Carolyn Everhart Inman Certified Rn Anesthetist $168,000
Margaret C. Short Admin Home Hth And Social Svces $167,936
Cynthia A. Thompson Certified Rn Anesthetist $167,887
Steven Rabinowitz Certified Rn Anesthetist $167,885
Donna S. Via Admin Perioperative Services $166,464
Dorothy T. Riley Certified Rn Anesthetist $165,716
Patricia Lee Beckham Certified Rn Anesthetist $162,240
Danielle A. Cote Certified Rn Anesthetist $161,545
Barbara T. Post Physician $160,000
Kimberly D. Holdren Dir Finance/Controller $159,862
Jamie Ford Hughes Admin Information Services $158,100
Ella Michelle Wile Rosner Certified Regnuranest Pool $156,000
Lindsey Sites Certified Regnuranest Pool $156,000
Robert M. Sams Certified Regnuranest Pool $156,000
Thomas P. Saul Chief Of Amb Care Svcs Officer $155,000
Brent C. Mcghee Admin Patient Financial Svces $153,831
Robert Edward Lee Teaster Dir Transplant Services $152,419
Steven R. Miller Dir Pharmacy Business Services $151,510
Corinne M. Skeens Dir Finance Information Svces $151,339
Kirk E. Barbieri Dir Specialty It And Outcomes $150,858
Tom Remy Dir Operating Room $150,000
Michelle W. Mccarthy Dir Pharmacy Med Usage And Compl $149,394
Susan Lewis Admin Business Development $148,735
Patricia J. Higgins Dir Emergency Department $147,900
Alan F. Oktay Dir Communications And Infrastru $147,624
Stephanie Mallow-Corbett Dir Pharmacy Clin Care Svces $147,006
Jill Laird-Sanders Dir Case Management $144,840
James Michael Svagerko Dir Org Development And Coaching $144,000
Ramey L. Campbell Supv Pharmacy $142,197
Frances M. Perucci-Bailey Supv Pharmacy $140,598
Mark P. Chabot Mgr Pharmacy $140,536
Jerome Fischer Mgr Radiology $140,400
Audris Veronica Ford Mgr Employee Relations $140,000
Robyn Schrimpshire Reynolds Admin Marketing And Public Rltns $140,000
David W. Key Dir Budgets $139,057
Andrea Louise Caulfield Dir Nursing Adult Crtcl Care $139,050
C. Ali Griffith Certified Rn Anesthetist $138,453
James M. Darin Admin Therapy Services $138,448
Maxine E. Parrish Pharmacist, Night $137,675