2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

University of Virginia

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Total payroll$469,738,594
Median pay$55,000
Average pay$70,765
Highest individual pay$518,900

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Robert F. Bruner Administrative - Professor $518,900
Teresa A. Sullivan President University Of Virginia $485,000
William V. Lazor Assistant Coach, Football - Of $453,000
Patrick D. Hogan Exec Vice President And Chief Op $450,000
Carl P. Zeithaml Administrative - Professor $430,000
James T. Reid Asst Coach, Football - Defens $395,000
John D. Simon Administrative - Professor $395,000
Mitchell H. Rosner Professor $383,500
Craig K. Littlepage Administrative - Lecturer $375,000
Leonard W. Sandridge Special Advisor To The Preside $370,240
James P. Nataro Professor $350,000
John S. Lazo Professor $350,000
Larry J. Sabato Professor $348,200
Michael W. London Head Coach, Football-4Adfbhcc $330,750
James L. Hilton Administrative - Professor $326,400
Sankaran Venkataraman Administrative - Professor $326,400
Joanne Boyle Head Coach, Women'S Basketbal $325,000
Meredith J. Woo Administrative - Professor $320,000
Joe C. Campbell Professor $319,600
Kodi S. Ravichandran Professor $319,300
Stephen S. Rich Professor $318,300
Thomas C. Skalak Administrative - Professor $310,000
Anindya Dutta Professor $310,000
John C. Marshall Professor $300,000
Arthur Garson Professor $300,000
Anthony G. Bennett Head Coach, Men'S Basketball- $300,000
James H. Aylor Administrative - Professor $300,000
Mark Yeager Professor $297,506
H. D. Laycock Professor $296,500
Brian H. Annex Professor $295,000
Robert C. Pianta Administrative - Professor $295,000
Jonathon D. Truwit Professor $295,000
Robert M. Carey Professor $291,700
George A. Rutherglen Professor $290,800
Paul B. Stephan Professor $288,800
Colette Sheehy Administrative - Lecturer $288,800
Michael O. Thorner Professor $287,000
William A. Petri Professor $286,000
Thomas J. Braciale Professor $283,000
Wriston Crowell Associate Vp For Research And $280,800
Roberto A. Gomez Professor $280,000
Jason S. Johnston Professor $279,100
Robert S. Harris Professor $278,100
Dorothy K. Fontaine Administrative - Professor $278,000
Daniel R. Ortiz Professor $277,400
Anne M. Coughlin Professor $277,000
Alex M. Johnson Professor $276,500
Kenneth L. Brayman Professor $272,900
Douglas A. Bayliss Professor $272,300
Robert E. Freeman Professor $270,900
James E. Ryan Professor $270,800
Haydn N. Wadley Professor $268,300
Bruce Schirmer Professor $267,800
Karen C. Johnston Professor $264,500
Michael J. Weber Professor $264,500
James C. Turner Professor $263,500
Teresa S. De Guzman Admin - Associate Professor $262,700
Billy K. Cannaday Professional - Professor $262,500
William J. Wilhelm Professor $261,000
Barry M. Horowitz Professor $259,300
Susan E. Kirk Associate Professor $259,000
Gary K. Owens Professor $257,900
Karin Wittenborg Administrative - Professor $256,800
Patrick J. Concannon Professor $255,000
Susan Carkeek Vp And Chief Human Resources O $255,000
James H. Harrison Associate Professor $254,500
Sarah E. Turner Professor $253,400
Donald F. Hunt Professor $253,000
John T. Monahan Professor $252,600
Patrick H. Tolan Professor $252,000
Stephen E. Plog Professor $252,000
Richard D. Pearson Professor $250,200
Richard G. Netemeyer Professor $250,000
Christopher M. Kramer Professor $250,000
Sanford H. Feldman Professor $250,000