2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

State Lottery Department

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Total payroll$15,612,215
Median pay$54,294
Average pay$61,224
Highest individual pay$142,719

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Paula I. Otto Exec Dir Dept Of Lottery $142,719
Edward J. Maxwell Dir Information Technology $139,500
Robert A. Wesley Director-Sales $130,540
Amy K. Dilworth General Counsel $120,000
Gweneth Dean Marketing Director $119,820
Deborah C. Courtney Director Finance $118,376
Robert D. Pollard Info Technology Manager Ii $117,000
Jill D. Vaughan Director Communications $113,400
Wanda G. Morykon Director Security $111,825
Larry Liu Senior Programmer Analyst $107,000
Sharyn A. Campbell Dir Of Admin And Spec Projects $106,242
Nancy A. Arnold Deputy Director Of Finance $104,475
William L. Tanner Web Development Manager $104,076
Alan W. Hussey Economic And Spec Research Mgr $103,000
Anne M. O'Meally Human Resources Director $102,984
John P. Miutz Marketing Manager $101,109
Thomas M. Sawyer Retail Area Manager $98,398
Elizabeth F. Smith Director Internal Audit $97,755
David G. Harris Data Center Manager $95,437
Bill W. Lockhart Cash Mgmt Operations Manager $95,000
Kenneth G. Tate Telecommunications Supervisor $92,681
Joseph D. Philpott Sales Operations Manager $92,520
Paul Warren Haymes Manager Of Investigations $92,400
Bobby S. Vaughan Lead Telecomm Engineer $91,480
David K. Peete Systems Project Supervisor $90,455
Terri H. Crocker Systems Analyst $88,725
James M. Smith Senior Systems Analyst $88,707
Allan L. Altholz Mktg Prod Mgr For New Products $88,623
Thomas W. Seaman Senior Economist $88,000
John P. Schliessmann Systems Analyst $87,515
Jennifer J. Mullen Communications Specialist $87,362
Carol M. Watkins Human Resources Generalist $86,612
Laura A. Stecher Instant Product Manager $86,417
Jerry B. Gutshall Network Center Supervisor $86,268
Michael A. Young Sr Computer Operations Analyst $86,268
Rachel A. Sprayberry Senior Systems Engineer $84,694
Annmarie Braggs Regional Manager $82,500
Amanda K. Rollf Contract Officer Senior $82,200
Carolyn P. Melton Senior Programmer Analyst $82,000
Kenneth P. Buckley Retail Area Manager $81,769
David M. Witter Human Resources Generalist $80,850
Mitchell E. Belton Sales Administration Manager $80,850
Valerie B. Henshaw Accounting Supervisor $80,850
James R. Mckenney Telecommunications Engineer $80,000
Mary A. Morton Business Development Manager $79,532
Timothy L. Lassiter Retail Area Manager $79,498
Jane M. Allen Business Development Manager $79,498
Cleve H. Packer Business Development Manager I $78,951
Martin J. Hubbell Information Security Admin $78,867
Margaret A. Mangas Quality Assurance Analyst $78,750
Donna D. Lankford Senior Systems Analyst $78,597
Christina C. Whitney Senior Internal Auditor $78,000
Duane A. Wallace Senior Network Center Engineer $77,641
Lisa B. Chernoff Network Center Engineer $77,502
Amanda R. Martens Human Resources Generalist $77,333
Philip J. Hankey Retail Area Manager $77,180
Natalie M. Caplan Senior Network Center Analyst $77,093
James L. Hevener Senior Network Center Engineer $76,400
Jeffrey D. Carson Network Center Analyst $76,400
John D. Zodun Creative Engineer $75,414
Anne Diep Senior Programmer Analyst $75,119
Benjamin R. Nicolls Marketing Manager $75,075
Norman M. Roberts Network Center Engineer $74,926
William M. Roper Financial Reporting Manager $74,038
Nora M. O'Neal Validations Manager $74,038
Ronald L. Isaacs Computer Oper Supv Senior $74,038
Connie L. Reed Network Center Analyst $73,927
Michael R. Moss Retail Area Manager $73,500
Mark F. Hoerath Advertising Manager $72,889
Sheri Bakken Retail Area Manager $72,000
Martha G. Jennings Senior Programmer Analyst $71,852
Paul A. Battle Network Security Administrator $71,283
Corrine D. Barbour Retail Area Manager $70,980
Luanne H. Brubaker Retail Area Manager $70,400
George N. Sawyer Retail Area Manager $70,035