2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Medical Assistance Services

About Department of Medical Assistance Services

Total payroll$22,945,626
Median pay$61,475
Average pay$64,273
Highest individual pay$165,669

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Cynthia B. Jones Dir Of Medical Assistance Srvc $165,669
Scott Crawford Gen Admin Manager Iii $143,714
Cheryl J. Roberts Gen Admin Manager Iii $143,595
Steven E. Ford Gen Admin Manager Iii $136,987
Sylvia E. Hart Info Technology Manager Ii $122,654
Howard B. Tomlinson Gen Admin Manager Iii $114,479
Paul B. Kirtz Audit Services Manager Iii $114,052
William J. Lessard Gen Admin Manager Iii $111,958
Karen R. Stephenson Financial Services Manager Iii $111,127
Louis R. Elie Gen Admin Manager Iii $110,541
Samuel J. Metallo Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr Iii $110,100
Terry A. Smith Gen Admin Manager Iii $109,026
Seta P. Vandegrift Gen Admin Manager Iii $108,785
Suzanne S. Gore Policy Planning Spec Iv $107,671
Thomas F. Edicola Gen Admin Manager Iii $107,207
Kathleen B. Guinan Human Resource Manager Ii $106,785
Timothy N. Merciez Financial Services Manager Ii $106,142
Karen E. Kimsey Gen Admin Manager Iii $103,950
Francis G. Guinan Info Technology Manager I $103,950
Rebecca L. Mendoza Gen Admin Manager Iii $102,033
Christopher D. Brown Info Technology Manager I $101,640
David E. Mix Info Technology Specialist Iii $98,577
Tanyea J. Amos Financial Services Manager Ii $98,355
James A. Rogers Info Technology Manager I $95,184
Donna L. Francioni-Proffitt Prog Admin Manager Iii $93,970
Jack V. Quigley Policy Planning Manager Ii $93,380
Maryanne M. Paccione Info Technology Specialist Iii $92,610
Michael K. Jones Info Technology Specialist Iii $92,610
Jack O. Andrews Info Technology Specialist Iii $92,610
Daniel A. Plain Prog Admin Manager Iii $92,500
Theresa L. Fleming Emergency Coordinator Mgr Ii $90,877
Gagandeep Singh Info Technology Specialist Iii $90,000
Shelley A. Platt Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr Iii $89,682
Mary Hairston Financial Services Manager Ii $89,250
Carla T. Russell Financial Services Manager Ii $89,212
Joseph J. Beck Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr Iii $88,594
Rachel E. Cain Pharmacist I $88,265
Keith T. Hayashi Pharmacist I $88,265
Scott F. Cannady Policy Planning Spec Ii $88,265
Adrienne T. Fegans Prog Admin Manager Iii $87,152
Douglas C. Hartman Prog Admin Manager Iii $87,151
William D. Sydnor Gen Admin Manager Ii $86,350
Brian M. Mccormick Policy Planning Manager Ii $86,265
Bonnie N. Winn Prog Admin Manager Iii $86,192
Mary A. Korsun Info Technology Specialist Iii $86,100
Craig C. Markva Gen Admin Manager Ii $85,709
Paula R. Margolis Policy Planning Manager Ii $85,642
David L. Jones Human Resource Manager I $85,476
Sanjay K. Mulay Info Technology Specialist Iii $85,465
Rhonda F. Newsome Policy Planning Spec Ii $84,666
Tamara J. Whitlock Prog Admin Manager Iii $84,621
George K. Collins Financial Services Manager Ii $84,208
Peter B. Lubinskas Prog Admin Manager Iii $84,137
Patricia L. Arevalo Prog Admin Manager Iii $83,434
James M. Flippen Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr Iii $83,101
Sandra R. Brown Prog Admin Manager Iii $82,950
Stephen D. Ankiel Prog Admin Manager Iii $82,598
Karen L. Baldwin Info Technology Specialist Iii $82,534
Chandra M. Shrestha Financial Services Spec Iii $82,173
Jeanette D. Hankins Prog Admin Specialist Ii $82,012
Jeanette L. Trestrail Prog Admin Manager Iii $81,970
Diane B. Campbell Info Technology Specialist Iii $81,900
Mary C. Mitchell Prog Admin Manager Iii $81,597
Barbara J. Iles Auditor Ii $81,545
Senthia S. Barlow Prog Admin Specialist Ii $81,257
Nolan N. Wilson Prog Admin Manager Iii $81,105
David C. Stankavich Financial Services Manager I $81,010
Robert J. Wiesner Info Technology Specialist Iii $80,713
Sharon A. Long Info Technology Specialist Ii $80,541
Samuel Pinero Prog Admin Manager Iii $79,859
Mary E. Huffstetler Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $79,852
Rena D. Roszell Info Technology Specialist Iii $79,818
Terrie Madison Auditor Ii $79,692
Robert P. Chapman Policy Planning Manager Ii $79,358
Carol L. Alston Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr Iii $79,178