2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Conservation & Recreation

About Department of Conservation & Recreation

Total payroll$20,673,450
Median pay$46,017
Average pay$49,576
Highest individual pay$128,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
David A. Johnson Dir Dept Cons And Recreation $128,000
Joseph Elton Gen Admin Manager Iii $110,313
William E. Price Gen Admin Manager Iii $105,938
Thomas L. Smith Environmental Manager Ii $96,090
Virginia S. Snead Prog Admin Manager Iii $94,050
Charles M. Wyatt Prog Admin Manager Iii $93,755
Robert T. Bennett Environmental Manager Ii $92,400
Joan L. Salvati Environmental Manager Ii $92,118
David C. Dowling Policy Planning Manager Ii $91,201
Michelle M. Vucci Policy Planning Spec Iii $90,000
James B. Wilkinson Chief Deputy $89,250
Darryl M. Glover Environmental Manager Ii $89,200
Daniel E. Benere Prog Admin Manager Iii $86,955
Ved P. Malhotra Environmental Specialist Ii $86,625
Roberta Hudgins Turner Human Resource Manager Ii $86,280
John C. Moore Financial Services Manager Ii $86,053
Robert J. Vanlier Architect/Engineer Ii $84,284
Steven M. Snell Architect/Engineer Ii $82,950
Kelly A. Mcclary Architect/Engineering Mgr Ii $81,289
John Michael Foreman Environmental Manager Ii $80,539
Eric W. Surratt Financial Services Manager Ii $80,128
Thomas I. Roberts Architect/Engineer Ii $79,758
Jerry D. Fritz Environmental Manager I $79,520
Michael D. Harrell Info Technology Manager I $78,750
Danette M. Poole Prog Admin Manager Iii $78,500
Charles A. Lunsford Environmental Manager I $78,383
Christine W. Edwards Gen Admin Manager I $78,300
Zhengang Wang Architect/Engineer Ii $78,000
Craig A. Seaver Natural Resource Manager Iii $77,993
William J. Foster Natural Resource Manager Ii $77,438
Amanda S. Pennington Architect/Engineer Ii $77,385
Fred Hazelwood Natural Resource Manager Ii $76,254
Lawrence J. Gavan Environmental Specialist Ii $75,441
Lawrence R. Smith Environmental Manager I $73,210
Suzan D. Bulbulkaya Environmental Specialist Ii $72,085
Forrest E. Gladden Natural Resource Manager Ii $71,976
Harvey N. Thompson Natural Resource Manager Ii $71,431
Synthia A. Waymack Environmental Specialist Ii $71,379
Roberta C. Gargiulo Prog Admin Specialist Ii $71,032
Edward W. Davis Environmental Manager I $70,999
Glenn T. Millican Financial Services Manager I $70,612
David A. Summers Law Enforcement Manager I $69,893
Anthony J. Widmer Natural Resource Manager Ii $69,787
William L. Jacobs Natural Resource Manager Ii $69,774
Michael R. Fletcher Prog Admin Specialist Ii $69,300
Kenneth E. Turner Architect/Engineer I $68,886
Joshua M. Davis Pr And Marketing Specialist Iv $68,250
Timothy M. Vest Natural Resource Manager Ii $67,843
Timothy P. Sexton Environmental Manager I $67,725
John G. Holzgrefe Architect/Engineer I $67,725
John N. Grooms Natural Resource Manager Ii $67,704
Claude George Cooper Architect/Engineer I $67,704
John Curtis Small Architect/Engineer I $67,704
James E. Davis-Martin Environmental Specialist Ii $67,467
Janit Marie Llewellyn Environmental Specialist Ii $67,068
Thomas L. Oliver Architect/Engineer I $67,005
Mark A. Schuppin Natural Resource Manager Ii $66,972
Elizabeth A. Crosier Environmental Manager I $66,887
William G. Keeling Environmental Specialist Ii $66,842
Peter A. Rigterink Procurement Manager Ii $66,800
Nancy S. Heltman Prog Admin Manager Iii $66,569
Kelly S. Vanover Environmental Manager I $66,551
Robert G. Waugh Pr And Mktg Mgr Ii $66,542
Jess A. Lowry Natural Resource Manager Ii $66,410
Sharon S. Partee Financial Services Spec Ii $66,381
James C. Ludwig Environmental Manager I $66,346
Theresa A. Duffey Environmental Manager I $66,284
Glenn D. Kindig Environmental Specialist Ii $65,967
Altonia W. Foster Financial Services Manager I $65,947
Deborah B. Cross Environmental Specialist Ii $65,945
Daniel C. Cox Architect/Engineer I $65,584
Richard K. Myers Environmental Manager I $65,537
Robert F. Shoemaker Environmental Specialist Ii $65,415
Timothy G. Shrader Natural Resource Manager Ii $65,332
John S. Shanklin Natural Resource Manager Ii $65,323