2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

About Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Total payroll$44,310,398
Median pay$39,640
Average pay$44,046
Highest individual pay$139,338

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William C. Coleburn Chief Deputy $139,338
James N. Insley Abc Board Commissioner $130,978
Stephen L. Fox Info Technology Manager Ii $126,000
Bryan M. Rhode Abc Board Commissioner $122,000
Sandra C. Canada Abc Board Commissioner $122,000
John C. Vanderland Gen Admin Manager Iii $122,000
John W. Wszelaki Audit Services Manager Iii $120,000
Clarence W. Jones Prog Admin Manager Iii $108,617
Correne L. Friesen Info Technology Manager I $105,600
Barry M. Wenzig Financial Services Manager Ii $105,294
John W. Jenkins Human Resource Manager Ii $104,987
Shawn P. Walker Law Enforcement Manager Iii $101,262
Gordon W. Millikan Gen Admin Manager Ii $100,800
Philip G. Disharoon Law Enforcement Manager Ii $100,645
Steven C. Harris Info Technology Manager I $100,508
Andrew K. Hallberg Info Technology Manager I $99,750
Robert S. O'Neal Hearing Legal Servcs Mgr Ii $98,411
Christopher M. Lumpkin Info Technology Manager I $98,149
Margaret W. Reed Confidential Asst Policy/Admin $98,000
David D. Cochran Info Technology Manager I $97,920
Andrew R. Mcenhimer Info Technology Specialist Iii $97,592
Paul D. Bradbury Info Technology Manager I $97,500
Francis J. Monahan Law Enforcement Manager Ii $96,533
Donald J. Cosgrove Info Technology Specialist Iii $94,511
Rebecca V. Gettings Pr And Mktg Mgr Iii $94,232
Richard R. Lynch Info Technology Specialist Iii $94,000
Norman J. Lodato Retail Manager Iii $92,822
William E. Wirt Policy Planning Manager Ii $92,400
Brent R. Uzel Info Technology Manager I $92,000
Renaita Zlatkin Info Technology Specialist Iii $91,000
Carl L. Morris Gen Admin Manager Ii $90,870
David F. Toth Info Technology Specialist Iii $90,000
Richard Racz Info Technology Specialist Iii $89,933
William T. Loper Info Technology Specialist Iii $89,933
Tatiana Morales Info Technology Specialist Iii $89,500
Nannette H. Williams Audit Services Manager Ii $88,064
Karthik T. Angamuthu Info Technology Specialist Iii $88,000
Raphael O. Loney Info Technology Specialist Iii $88,000
Brooke D. Cessna Info Technology Specialist Iii $87,000
Handan G. Mason Info Technology Manager I $86,147
Richard S. Marsh Retail Manager Iii $85,819
Ronald L. Dew Prog Admin Manager Iii $85,800
Amy L. Luffey Info Technology Specialist Iii $84,750
Leon G. Coleman Law Enforcement Manager Ii $84,749
Billy E. Fritts Retail Manager Iii $83,058
Robert M. Brooks Law Enforcement Manager Ii $82,350
David M. Kuti Info Technology Specialist Iii $82,000
James F. Cotton Retail Manager Iii $81,754
Dwight A. Mehring Auditor Iii $80,860
David R. Bivens Info Technology Specialist Ii $80,340
Debra C. Corley Procurement Manager Ii $79,802
Gail H. Willis Info Technology Manager I $78,892
Harvey K. Waters Human Resource Manager I $78,832
Michael J. Oglesby Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr Ii $78,436
Sara M. Gilliam Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr Ii $77,798
Michael J. Zingraff Retail Manager Iii $77,740
Sylvester I. Cheatham Law Enforcement Officer Iii $76,939
William K. Blanks Law Enforcement Manager Ii $76,159
Roger D. Stevens Law Enforcement Manager Ii $75,601
John G. Laughlin Retail Manager Ii $75,522
Jeffrey C. Goodman Law Enforcement Manager Ii $75,000
Christopher M. Wallace Info Technology Specialist Ii $75,000
Michael T. Mckee Law Enforcement Manager Ii $74,955
Donnie W. Brown Law Enforcement Manager Ii $74,877
Joseph L. Cannon Law Enforcement Manager Ii $74,830
Patrick L. Campbell Retail Manager Iii $74,102
Ray E. Leonard Retail Manager Iii $74,061
Richard G. Seeley Retail Manager Iii $73,966
Thomas B. Mcwhite Retail Manager Iii $73,955
Bernard L. Bottoms Retail Manager Iii $73,950
Lauretta L. Stange-Holcomb Retail Manager Iii $73,934
Sen Guan Info Technology Specialist Ii $73,500
Kimberly W. Spicer Info Technology Specialist Iii $73,213
Barbara A. Storm Law Enforcement Manager I $72,273
Nicole M. Stanojev Financial Services Manager Ii $72,000