2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

About Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services

Total payroll$55,179,429
Median pay$45,872
Average pay$48,403
Highest individual pay$196,802

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Mammen M. Mathew Physician Ii $196,802
Ernest F. Steidle Gen Admin Manager Iii $134,262
James A. Rothrock Commr Dept Of Rehab Services $130,815
Maryann B. Belcher Human Resource Manager Ii $110,515
Carla J. Sankey Auditor Iii $109,005
Douglas R. James Prog Admin Manager Iii $104,792
Kathi M. Roeper Gen Admin Manager Ii $103,950
Joseph M. Ashley Prog Admin Manager Iii $101,495
Ann E. Stanfield Info Technology Specialist Iii $99,696
Kathryn A. Hayfield Prog Admin Manager Iii $98,834
Sharon L. Gottovi Prog Admin Manager Iii $98,556
Sharon G. Russo Therapy Manager Ii $97,003
Richard L. Sizemore Gen Admin Manager Iii $96,183
Steven L. Conley Info Technology Specialist Iii $94,658
Regina D. Rice Info Technology Specialist Iii $94,500
Clera S. Simpson Architect/Engineer I $94,244
Meir Amar Info Technology Specialist Iii $93,624
Michael E. Lubin Info Technology Specialist Iii $93,578
John W. Thaniel Financial Services Manager Ii $93,281
Pamela G. Kida Info Technology Specialist Iii $92,678
John S. Payne Info Technology Specialist Iii $91,788
Russell Alan Neyman Gen Admin Manager Ii $91,103
Adewale Lanre Ogunwenmo Info Technology Specialist Ii $88,862
Elizabeth E. Smith Policy Planning Manager Ii $88,101
Robert Eliot Ostrander Info Technology Specialist Iii $87,467
Kerr D. Sloyer Architect/Engineering Mgr I $86,840
Walter Smailus Info Technology Specialist Iii $86,815
Carrie W. Clawson Therapist Iii $86,486
Thomas M. Smith Counselor Manager $85,974
Mark C. Fletcher Counselor Manager $85,853
Vladimir N. Mednikov Info Technology Specialist Ii $85,176
Mary-Margaret P. Cash Prog Admin Manager Iii $85,134
Teresa C. Bertsch Counselor Manager $85,132
Kathy R. Dollins Therapist Iii $85,125
William E. Heinlein Psych Iii/Psychology Assoc Iii $84,950
Michael D. Snedegar Prog Admin Manager Iii $84,072
Amy L. Marschean Prog Admin Specialist Ii $84,062
Srikumar Sundararajan Info Technology Specialist Ii $83,027
Terry M. Johnson Info Technology Specialist Iii $82,969
Leonard J. Eshmont Info Technology Specialist Iii $82,531
Mary H. Stone Prog Admin Manager Iii $82,349
Jay W. Windsor Prog Admin Manager Iii $81,841
Dale S. Batten Prog Admin Manager Iii $81,837
Reid Gaillard Info Technology Specialist Iii $81,698
Catherine W. Harrison Prog Admin Specialist Ii $81,309
Louise Hoskin Counselor Ii $80,355
Daniel J. Ross Info Technology Specialist Iii $80,022
Leon A. Scales Prog Admin Manager Iii $79,934
Barbara J. Byham Prog Admin Specialist Ii $79,811
Tim M. Catherman Gen Admin Manager Ii $79,665
Issaie R. Robertson Info Technology Specialist Ii $79,380
Margaret B. Siskin Prog Admin Specialist Ii $79,301
Divette M. Brisco Prog Admin Specialist Ii $78,845
Larry A. Overbay Prog Admin Manager Iii $78,275
Katherine K. Baxter Therapist Iii $78,239
Kathy A. Pritchard Human Resource Analyst Ii $77,943
Greta G. Nelson Therapist Iii $77,680
Patricia A. Mccarthy Counselor Ii $77,514
Edward J. Short Therapist Iii $77,506
Karen V. Ashby Auditor Ii $77,297
Mary T. Guthrie Financial Services Spec Ii $77,203
Barbara M. Ostrander Prog Admin Manager Iii $76,512
Diana R. Coleman Prog Admin Specialist Ii $76,432
Carolyn C. Turner Prog Admin Specialist Ii $76,392
Linda A. Meyer Therapy Manager I $76,341
Alan L. Joseph Prog Admin Specialist Ii $76,097
Cheryl L. Mccall Prog Admin Manager Iii $76,085
Jane A. Snead Financial Services Spec Ii $75,789
Kathy B. Miller Prog Admin Manager Iii $75,676
Joann Robinson Human Resource Manager I $75,502
Katherine B. Warren Hearing Legal Servcs Offcr Ii $74,864
Tara A. Lassiter Prog Admin Specialist Ii $74,703
Karyl C. Thornton Prog Admin Specialist Ii $74,696
Rene T. Fariss Gen Admin Manager I $74,669
Mary Crews Nunnally Prog Admin Specialist Ii $74,567