2012-13 State of Virginia employee salaries

Auditor of Public Accounts

About Auditor of Public Accounts

Total payroll$7,033,250
Median pay$55,697
Average pay$66,351
Highest individual pay$173,054

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Name Title Total gross pay
Martha Sedwick Mavredes Auditor Of Public Accounts $173,054
Staci Anderson Henshaw Deputy Auditor Of Public Accts $158,664
Karen Kyte Helderman Audit Director, Info Systems Dev $146,958
Linda Cowan Wade Audit Director, Budget And Perf Mgt $146,623
Roland Neil Turner Director, Hr And Business Operations $143,278
Deann Beale Compton Audit Director, Cap Asset Mgt $136,810
Goran Gabriel Gustavsson Audit Director, Info Sys Security $126,623
Jennifer Preston Bell Schreck Audit Director, Strategic Risk Mgt $110,444
George Donhavon Strudgeon Audit Director, Compl. Assurance $108,778
April Cheri Vaughan Gunn Audit Director, Data Analysis $107,589
Tracy Ann Surratt Auditor - Senior Specialist $89,686
Kimberly Wayland Via Auditor - Senior Specialist $89,418
Carnell Nathan Bagley Manager, Procurement And Support $88,082
James Michael Reinholtz Audit Director, Acq And Contracts $87,313
Wendi Taylor James Manager, Network Operations $85,404
Berkeley Anne Rowe Wolford Manager, Hr And Prof Development $84,064
Laurie Jo Hicks Audit Director, Judicial Systems $83,690
Keith Raphel Vollero Sharepoint Administrator $82,660
Latoya Deshea Jordan Audit Director, Cafr $81,861
Shatima Tvere Taylor Auditor - Senior Specialist $80,766
Jennifer Davis Eggleston Auditor - Senior Specialist $80,063
John Erik Pearson Database Analyst-Senior Specialist $78,735
Eric Martin Sandridge Audit Director, Higher Education $75,710
Minh Ve Huynh Auditor - Specialist $75,570
Patrice Yvette Mays Auditor - Specialist $75,369
Shannon Marie Hargitt Senior Accountant/Fiscal Officer $73,080
Katherine Rose Collins Auditor - Senior Specialist $72,716
Joshua Garst Fox Auditor - Senior Specialist $72,330
Frank Joseph Pitera Auditor $70,813
Charles David Ross Auditor - Senior Specialist $70,189
Zachery Lawrence Borgerding Auditor - Specialist $69,724
David Lewis Rasnic Auditor - Senior Specialist $69,535
Randall Scott Johnson Judicial Auditor - Team Leader $67,242
Andrew Chase Mccarty Auditor - Senior Specialist $66,940
Lakisha Sherelle Speller Auditor - Senior Specialist $66,000
Robert Douglas Gibbons Computer And Network Support $65,569
Doris Montgomery Auditor $64,646
Reann Beckie Chiappinelli Auditor - Specialist $64,646
Michael Andrew Sidell Auditor - Senior Specialist $63,864
Tanesha Shanelle Stokes Auditor - Senior Specialist $63,680
Betsy Jean Wilson Auditor - Specialist $63,564
Brad Dustin Hypes Auditor - Senior Specialist $63,465
Katherine Hale St Lawrence Judicial Auditor - Senior Specialist $62,819
Debrah Gaye Stafford Auditor - Specialist $62,771
Wendy Dorothy Hudson Computer And Network Support $62,693
Melinda Arner Crawford Auditor - Specialist $62,139
Rachel Naomi Reamy Auditor - Specialist $62,000
Holly Haynes Stout Auditor - Senior Specialist $61,301
Patrick Michael Kluttz Auditor $59,366
Sheila Lowrine Henshaw Auditor - Specialist $58,805
Casey Michael Driscoll Auditor - Specialist $58,595
Tracy Martice Vaughan Judicial Auditor - Team Leader $57,888
Linda Atkins Gray Judicial Auditor - Team Leader $55,697
James David Fiske Auditor $55,620
Justin David Ferrell Auditor - Specialist $55,605
Ashley Laura Baily Auditor - Specialist $55,345
Elizabeth Smith Hanners Auditor $55,110
Holly Jo Garvin Auditor - Specialist $54,335
Nicole Anderson Baglieri Auditor $54,080
Nicole Kelly Taylor Auditor - Specialist $54,075
Leigh Evans Barnes Auditor - Specialist $54,003
Megan Clifton Grey Auditor $53,820
Delores Ann Chamberlain Judicial Auditor - Senior Specialist $53,054
Gregory Paul Redmond Auditor $53,000
Ramona Alisa Williams Auditor $52,020
Garrett Alexander Smith Auditor $52,020
Eris Dominicke Jones Auditor $52,020
Stephanie Hope Serbia Judicial Auditor - Team Leader $51,890
Michael Adam Rinehart Auditor $51,760
Matthew William Robinett Auditor $51,760
Matthew Stewart Dean Auditor $51,760
Logan Walker Davis Auditor $51,760
Leslie Ann Pochkar Judicial Auditor - Senior Specialist $51,735
Velva Louise Bledsoe Judicial Auditor - Senior Specialist $51,465
John Russell Rutan Judicial Auditor - Senior Specialist $51,215