2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

About Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

Total payroll$14,192,371
Median pay$45,708
Average pay$56,769
Highest individual pay$161,452

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
William L. Dudley, Jr. Commissioner $161,452
Roger L. Williams Commissioner $158,135
Virginia R. Diamond Commissioner $158,135
John A. Budesky Executive Director $154,875
James J. Szablewicz Chief Deputy Commissioner $131,250
Susan E. Cummins Deputy Commissioner $124,011
John Nmn Costa Deputy Commissioner $124,011
Carolyn J. Colville Deputy Commissioner $124,011
Philip E. Burchett Deputy Commissioner $124,011
Robert H. Herring, Jr. Deputy Commissioner $122,511
Andrea W. Lee Deputy Commissioner $122,511
Randolph P. Tabb, Jr. Deputy Commissioner $122,511
Phillip R. Roach Deputy Commissioner $122,511
Richard M. Cole Chief Information Officer $120,877
Paul J. Baitinger Iv Asst. CIO/Application Development Supervisor $115,721
William R. Culbreth Deputy Commissioner $115,520
Lee E. Wilder Deputy Commissioner $115,520
Courtney E. Mercer Deputy Commissioner $115,520
Daniel R. Lahne Deputy Commissioner $114,020
Frederick M. Bruner Deputy Commissioner $114,020
Cabell C. Mercer Deputy Commissioner $114,020
Edward P. Rice Chief Financial Officer $110,250
Susan R. Stevick Deputy Commissioner $109,993
Robert T. Mayo Deputy Commissioner $109,993
Mary V. Ware Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund Director $109,200
Brookeanne C. Hunter Deputy Commissioner $105,967
Deborah W. Blevins Deputy Commissioner $105,967
Jimese P. Sherrill Deputy Commissioner $105,967
John S. Nevin Deputy Commissioner $105,967
Lynne M. Ferris Deputy Commissioner $105,967
Dung Q. Ha Sr. Application Developer $101,850
Carolyn S. Cox Human Resources Manager $101,850
Sean P. Campbell Sr. Application Developer $97,000
Vivian R. Guidt Claims Services Manager $95,550
William S. Crawford Correspondence Management Manager $93,744
Thomas O. Lowery Sr. Database Administrator $93,000
Kyle Z. Jones Sr. Database Administrator $93,000
Cynthia D. Brittain Customer Contact Center Manager $92,400
Laura K. Collins Quality Assurance Manager $92,400
Aravind B. Kosuri Lead Application Developer $92,000
Douglas G. Singlemann Project Manager/Analyst $90,559
Marshall R. Rozario Engineering Supervisor $90,300
Chadwick D. Burns Project Management Supervisor $89,250
Meghana Nmn Karlekar Application Developer $89,250
Mark D. Mccreary Information Security Officer $87,000
Adnan A. Siddiqui Application Developer $86,005
Charles W. Steepleton, Jr. Education and Outreach Supervisor $84,000
Amy M. Pearson Asst. Financial Officer $84,000
Supriya Nmn Singh Lead Software Tester $82,000
Bruce A. Harris Procurement and Operations Supervisor $77,994
Dorothy A. Poythress Project Analyst $77,189
Andrew A. Gillis Automated Software Tester $75,600
Brian C. Dillingham Windows Msg. Engineer $75,600
David E. Sims Senior Engineer $75,600
Janet M. Logan Systems Analyst $75,600
Beth C. Kalman Project Manager/Analyst $75,600
Michael L. Meade Systems Analyst $72,000
Andrew W. Reid Help Desk Supervisor $69,615
Judy K. Brooks Insurance Financial Examiner $69,418
Gregory E. Foster Engineer $69,202
Lauren M. Hill Staff Attorney $68,597
Diane F. Dusseau Staff Attorney $68,597
Wanda A. Dotson Staff Attorney $68,597
Patricia M. Sherron Staff Attorney $68,597
Laurie D. Waters Staff Attorney $68,597
Renee` D. Marks Claims Services Asst. Manager $68,250
Angela L. Lent Truzzie Claims Services Asst. Manager $68,250
Dana E. Dallas Wage Staff Attorney $64,701
Stephanie C. Brenzovich EDI Assistant Manager $64,050
Linda G. Delamorton Senior Claims Examiner $64,006
Vivian G. Phillips Correspondence Management Asst. Manager $61,950
Marjorie P. Platt Clerk of VWC $61,950
Jacqueline R. Screen Human Resources Asst. Manager $61,950
Kathy L. Daniel Sr. Compromise Settlement Analyst $60,900
Suzanne T. Soule Insurance Assistant Manager $60,900