2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

Virginia Port Authority

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Total payroll$8,080,760
Median pay$47,326
Average pay$64,133
Highest individual pay$350,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Jerry A. Bridges Executive Director $350,000
Joseph J. Keever Sr DED, External Affairs $258,813
Rodney W. Oliver Dep Exec Dir and CFO $198,479
Russell J. Held Dep Exec Dir, Development $178,444
Jeffrey A. Florin Dep Exec Dir, Oper and COO $164,370
Ruth E. Smith Dir of Human Resources $149,428
Linda G. Ford Director Port Promotion $147,368
Kevin P. Abt Dir Engineering and Chief Eng $145,258
Norris Edward Merkle Dir, Port Sec and Emer Oper $144,874
Gregory J. Edwards Dir., External Affairs $139,106
David M. James Dir Contract and Real Estate $129,375
Heather L. Wood Dir. Environ. Affairs $118,083
Anthony J. Kondysar, Jr. Project Manager-Port Develop $116,413
Andrew H. Engemann, Jr. Police Chief $110,035
Cindy L. Scheidemantel Controller $103,000
William R. Young, Ii Dir Economic Development $102,177
Claudia J. H. Craft Accounting Manager $99,060
Michael L. Brewer Police Captain - Oper $88,720
Elizabeth C. Saxby Human Resources Manager $87,655
Kevin D. Burwell Dir,Foreign Trade Zone Serv $87,580
Joseph D. Harris Mgr, Media/Pub. Relations $84,716
Armondo N. Ward Police Captain - Admin $84,132
Carla Sue Welsh Port Promo/Advertising Mgr. $83,447
Debra J. Mcnulty Clerk, VPA Bd.of Comm $80,900
Nikolina G. Malone Dir Bus Analysis and Stra $80,000
Saba L. Shami Dir., Special Projects $78,795
William A. Burket, Jr. Director, MIRT $78,000
Gerald E. Staley Police Corporal $74,224
Jodie L. Asbell Executive Secretary Sr. $72,984
Carolyn R. Leighton Market Analyst $71,946
Erin D. Corrie Economic Development Mgr $67,000
Lorraine H. Gousse Trea Mgmt and Budget Analyst $66,654
Jodie M. Love Community Relations Coor. $63,788
Jeremiah A. Denton, Iv Editor, Port Publications $62,944
Clinton E. Tucker Police Lt. - Operations $62,314
David W. Broadway Police Sergeant $61,213
Patty A. Wilson Procurement Mgr. $60,786
William K. Stevenson Pol Lt. Administration $60,291
Michael L. Reynolds Police Officer $59,775
Reginold Elsbery Police Officer $58,673
Bevan S. Calo Web Designer/Soc Media Coor $58,000
Salvador Castruita, Jr. Police Lieutenant - Oper $55,150
Joseph L. Green Pol. Lt-Facility Sec Unit $54,705
Kristen S. Cooney Human Resources Coor. $54,657
Melissa R. Fularon Executive Secretary $53,082
Jesse T. Blunt Police Officer $52,368
Mary E. Reilly Quality Affairs Manager $52,000
Gregory L. Eller, Sr. Police Sergeant $51,796
Teresa S. Campbell Exec. Secretary $50,754
Michelle A. Wallace Exec. Secretary $50,648
Paul C. Gray Police Sergeant $50,558
Rebecca R. Killen Administrative Ass't Senior $50,407
Howard N. Giddings Police Sergeant - Admin $50,269
Erika A. Snow Human Resources Analyst $50,215
Lori Beth Duron Executive Secretary $49,973
Craig R. Cottrell Sr Police Sergeant $48,652
Steven D. Whittle Police Sergeant $48,643
Bryan J. Hoyt Police Sgt-Fac Sec Unit $48,462
Clarence J. Tillman Police Sergeant $48,054
Calvin L. Edmonds Police Corporal $47,613
Jason M. Snow Police Sergeant $47,609
Claude Morris Forbes, Jr. Police Sergeant $47,472
Reginald Deberry Wright, Sr. Police Corporal $47,326
Willie A. Mills Police Sergeant $46,889
Sandra F. Brank Admin. Asst. Sr. $46,810
Jason L. Cooke Police Corporal $46,577
Shelley M. Ricks Contract Specialist Asst $46,575
Darin P. Gouldrup Police Corporal $46,249
Ronald F. Ashley Police Sergeant $46,199
Micheal E. Evans Police Corporal $46,081
Daniel E. Parker Police Officer $45,916
James S. Anderson Police Officer $45,697
Jeffrey P. Nixon Police Officer $45,257
Angela D. Mitchell Payroll Specialist $45,256
Timothy E. Brogan, Sr. Police Officer $45,255