2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

University of Virginia Medical Center

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Total payroll$289,679,371
Median pay$42,773
Average pay$48,973
Highest individual pay$400,000

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Robert H Cofield University of Virginia, associate vice president for hospital and clinics, UVa Health System $400,000
Lorna M Facteau Chief Nursing Officer $285,001
Patricia Cluff Hallmark Assoc VP for Strat Dev and Mktg $270,300
Raymond J Lindsay CRNA Premium Pay $260,000
Kathleen Merlino CRNA Premium Pay $260,000
John W. Boswell Chief Human Resources Officer $254,000
Thomas A Harkins Chief Environ of Care Officer $219,300
Kathleen M Sloop CRNA Premium Pay $208,000
Stephanie Ann Kellogg CRNA Premium Pay $208,000
Linda P Tanguma CRNA Premium Pay $208,000
Michael Borton Medical Center Administrator $200,000
Scott M. Croonquist Medical Center Administrator $197,500
Susan Marie Huerta Chief of Qual and Perf Improvem $195,000
William James Gayne Chf Financial Officer,Hosp&Cl $193,500
Gary L. Johnson Medical Center Administrator $190,000
Roby A. Hunt Medical Center Administrator $190,000
James Amato Assoc Chief-Clin Ancillary Svc $187,500
Kevin E. Fox Medical Center Administrator $185,000
Sterling Yvonne Mchorney Chief of Amb Care Svcs Officer $180,000
Sheila Smith Assoc Chief for UVA CH and TWP $180,000
Michelle D. Hereford Assoc Chief of LTAC Hospital $178,000
Gary F Cuccia RN Anesthetist, Cert, Chief $177,000
Ronald E. Smith Certified RN Anesthetist $176,500
Rowley M Sewell Associate Chief, Revenue Cycle $175,000
Karen L Forsman Med Ctr Administrator $175,000
Susan Van Manen Certified RN Anesthetist $174,007
Jeffrey F Cutruzzula Medical Center Administrator $173,215
Judith Kelley Benes Certified RN Anesthetist $171,857
Thomas Arthur Mchugh Certified RN Anesthetist $171,283
Rebecca L Schmale Medical Center Director $170,000
Kurt F Heyssel Associate Chief, Supply Chain $170,000
Deborah B Schuyler Certified RN Anesthetist $168,944
Rebecca A Lewis Med Ctr Administrator-Licensed $167,094
Kathy Jean Frase Certified RN Anesthetist $165,583
Nancy R Prouty Medical Center Administrator $165,000
Margaret C Short Med Ctr Administrator-Licensed $161,415
Steven Rabinowitz Certified RN Anesthetist $161,366
Teresa M Haller Medical Center Administrator $160,000
Donna S Via Medical Center Administrator $160,000
Dorothy T. Riley Certified RN Anesthetist $159,281
Danielle A Cote Certified RN Anesthetist $158,377
Dee Brown Eadie Medical Center Administrator $158,100
Patricia F. Cherniawski CRNA Premium Pay $156,000
Doraine Faith Smith CRNA Premium Pay $156,000
Lindsey Sites CRNA Premium Pay $156,000
Robert M Sams CRNA Premium Pay $156,000
Ella Michelle Wile Rosner CRNA Premium Pay $156,000
Mark W Monroe Medical Center Administrator $152,450
Richard K Zacour Perfusionist, Chief $150,316
Robert K. Perry Medical Center Administrator $150,000
Shannon P. Janney Medical Center Administrator $145,411
Rafael Saenz Medical Center Director $145,000
Brent C Mcghee Medical Center Administrator $145,000
Steven R. Miller Medical Center Director $139,329
Steven G Switzer Pharmacy Supervisor $138,726
Michelle W Mccarthy Medical Center Director $137,295
Ramey L Campbell Pharmacy Supervisor $136,675
Mark P Chabot Pharmacy Licensed Med Ctr Mgr $135,078
Susan Lewis Medical Center Administrator $135,001
Stephanie Mallow-Corbett Medical Center Director $135,000
Douglas S Paige Pharmacy Licensed Med Ctr Mgr $134,634
Melissa Palis Frederick Medical Center Director $134,000
C. Ali Griffith Certified RN Anesthetist $133,076
Marcia L Buck Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator $133,000
Augustus Alexander Johnson Certified RN Anesthetist $131,834
Melinda H Cardell Medical Center Director $131,413
Alfred B Turner Medical Center Director $130,000
Robert K Jayne CRNA Premium Pay $130,000
Donna M White Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator $128,993
Jeanette Pauline Daub Pharmacy Supervisor $128,750
Kathlene A Degregory Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator $128,628
Jeffrey C Hackett Certified RN Anesthetist $127,910
Kirk E Barbieri Medical Center Manager $127,427
Suzanne M Burns Academic Associate Professor 1 $126,885
Maxine E Parrish Pharmacist, Lead $126,704