2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

Richard Bland College (of William and Mary)

About Richard Bland College (of William and Mary)

Total payroll$5,445,050
Median pay$48,000
Average pay$52,356
Highest individual pay$138,500

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Russell E. Whitaker Administrative - Professor $138,500
James B. Mcneer President Richard Bland Col $129,200
Leann S. Binger Administrative - Professor $128,000
Frances S. Scarbrough Human Resource Analyst III $86,317
Michaele M. Shriver Gen Admin Manager II $86,317
Beverly P. Morris Administrative - Instructor $86,317
Virginia R. Cherry Prof - Assistant Professor $78,500
Dorothy P. Edwards Admin - Assistant Professor $77,722
Patricia A. Harvey Professional - Instructor $76,700
Steven E. Martin Associate Professor $76,495
David E. Majewski Professor $75,681
Randy L. Dean Professional - Instructor $75,150
Lois S. Wray Education Administrator II $74,068
Timothy J. Evans Professor $73,197
Byron L. Woodruff Professor $72,969
Roger E. Franklin Associate Professor $71,538
Roland A. Havis Professor $71,303
Linda K. Pittman Professor $70,483
Franklyn C. Morgan Professor $70,466
Christopher S. Davis Professional - Instructor $67,275
Chalmer L. Pritchard Associate Professor $64,588
Deborah K. James Info Technology Specialist II $64,516
Teresa H. Stillion Administrative - Instructor $64,125
Stephanie H. Cunningham Info Technology Specialist II $63,563
Mark L. Fidelman Professor $63,364
Michelle Delano Professor $61,972
James Tyler Hart Professional - Instructor $61,875
Michael D. Kelly Info Technology Specialist II $61,299
Linda E. Jefferson Associate Professor $60,278
Nancy L. Kelly Info Technology Specialist II $59,992
Margery F. Young Financial Services Spec I $57,091
Margaret J. Sommer Associate Professor $56,824
Evanda S. Watts-Martinez Professional - Instructor $55,100
Mary K. Gurnick Associate Professor $54,140
Susan B. Basl Education Support Spec III $53,868
Mark D. Bryan Prof - Assistant Professor $53,625
William M. Wamsley Trades Technician IV $52,553
George Nathan Hall Jellerson Equipment Serv Repair Tech II $52,553
Karen A. Peffer Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $52,401
Esther W. Floyd Associate Professor $52,343
Richard Love Associate Professor $52,257
Barbara M. Morgan Assistant Professor $52,224
Angela K. Burcham Assistant Professor $50,375
Patricia B. Crocker Assistant Professor $50,000
Daniel F. Zelinski Associate Professor $49,226
Elizabeth D. Rescher Associate Professor $49,226
Michael T. Lehman Assistant Professor $48,800
Becky H. Toombs Financial Services Spec I $48,773
Jesse B. Wray Law Enforcement Manager I $48,773
Patricia A. Woolfolk Gen Admin Supv II/Coord II $48,567
Casey I. Blankenship Professional - Instructor $48,375
Maria Yaber Assistant Professor $48,000
Lauren W. Sumner Financial Services Spec I $47,723
D Jill L. Mitten Instructor $47,600
Lauran M. Johnson Assistant Professor $47,225
Dannie L. Hudson Assistant Professor $46,175
Jacqueline A. Bryan Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $46,000
Kevin J. Peters Assistant Professor $46,000
Matthew H. Nickodemus Assistant Professor $46,000
Irene M. Handy Professional - Instructor $45,600
Jacqueline Rose Carrell Professional - Instructor $45,600
Lejeanna M. Raymond Assistant Professor $45,230
Rachel E. Finney Associate Professor $45,196
Jason A. Collins Trades Technician III $45,014
Amy E. Beumer Assistant Professor $45,000
Debra N. Collins Procurement Officer I $44,289
Christine A. Anderson Assistant Professor $44,000
Alexandra M. Duckworth Assistant Professor $43,848
Stephen C. Jenkins Trades Technician III $43,629
(Name withheld) Professional - Instructor $43,503
(Name withheld) Info Technology Specialist II $43,007
(Name withheld) Professional - Instructor $42,621
(Name withheld) Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $42,561
(Name withheld) Assistant Professor $42,500
(Name withheld) Education Support Spec II $42,476