2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Rail and Public Transportation

About Department of Rail and Public Transportation

Total payroll$3,040,410
Median pay$80,652
Average pay$80,010
Highest individual pay$132,132

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Thelma D. Drake Dir of Rail and Public Trans $132,132
Michael J. Harris Architect/Engineer II $131,250
Robert H. Wilson Gen Admin Manager III $129,675
William S. Pittard Financial Services Manager III $129,461
Kevin B. Page Gen Admin Manager III $128,760
David M. Harlan Architect/Engineer II $110,775
Joseph M. Swartz Prog Admin Specialist III $109,725
James G. Motley Financial Services Manager II $100,511
Thomas E. Freeman Architect/Engineer II $95,653
Christopher M. Arabia Policy Planning Manager II $92,838
Judith L. Gifford Financial Services Manager II $92,119
Teresa F. Brown Financial Services Manager II $87,005
Matthew H. Bassett Prog Admin Specialist II $86,625
Kenneth E. Pollock Prog Admin Specialist II $85,239
Omar M. Necko Prog Admin Specialist II $84,084
Emily N. Stock Policy Planning Spec III $83,784
David Awbrey Prog Admin Specialist II $83,160
Richard S. Wells Info Technology Specialist III $82,446
Amy M. Inman Policy Planning Spec III $80,652
Lisa J. Dumetz Prog Admin Specialist II $80,000
Neil I. Sherman Architect/Engineer I $78,320
Anthony C. Foster Policy Planning Spec II $75,600
Marie K. Berry Financial Services Spec II $75,600
Donald E. Karabaich Auditor II $71,790
Jason Cheeks Info Technology Specialist II $68,250
Mark A. Ledford Policy Planning Spec II $63,500
Courtney Ware PR and Mktg Spec IV $62,172
Linda J. Maiden Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $62,040
Vanessa G. Harding Financial Services Spec I $59,170
Jeremy D. Latimer Prog Admin Specialist III $58,995
Steven G. Hennessee Prog Admin Specialist II $58,043
Robert Jeffrey Sizemore Prog Admin Specialist II $57,750
Krystyna J. Hepler Financial Services Spec II $57,365
Ashley M. Nusbaum Financial Services Spec I $45,807
(Name withheld) Prog Admin Specialist II $43,007
(Name withheld) PR and Mktg Spec III $41,688
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec III $27,719
(Name withheld) Admin and Office Spec II $27,700