2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Juvenile Justice

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Total payroll$78,680,156
Median pay$37,265
Average pay$41,129
Highest individual pay$146,766

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Michael L. Campbell Physician II $146,766
Helivi L. Holland Director of Juvenile Justice $120,750
Christopher S. Moon Physician I $115,500
Mark A. Gooch Chief Deputy $105,000
Vernon L. Harry Gen Admin Manager II $103,899
Ralph B. Thomas Security Manager IV $102,900
Robert H. Jenkins Info Technology Manager II $101,207
Steven F. Peed Psychology Manager $97,325
Michael Shuji Ito Security Manager III $96,504
Thomas J. Milewski Dentist I $96,418
Mark V. Crowley Probation Manager I $95,594
Linda C. Jackson-Shaw Human Resource Manager II $94,815
Earl F. Anderson Info Technology Specialist III $94,262
William G. Schoof Security Manager III $92,183
Kevin J. Ferlazzo Info Technology Specialist III $92,125
Lillian B. Brooks Probation Manager I $90,922
Deron M. Phipps Policy Planning Manager II $90,508
Robert P. Auton Info Technology Specialist III $90,000
Jeffrey S. Homan Probation Manager II $89,937
William Hill Gen Admin Manager II $89,180
John S. Coble Prog Admin Manager III $88,789
Kathryn B. Dickerson Security Manager III $88,461
Arthur L. Kaye Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $86,998
William D. Brock Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $86,663
Edward H. Holmes Prog Admin Manager III $86,234
Thornton L. Holman Info Technology Specialist III $85,744
John E. Ehrmantraut Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $85,722
Scott M. Reiner Prog Admin Manager III $85,487
Livia S. Jansen Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $85,059
Angela M. Cimino Valentine Prog Admin Manager III $84,940
Dawn L. Klemann Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $84,630
Janet P. Van Cuyk Policy Planning Manager I $84,062
Kathleen M. Tauer RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $83,339
Robert A. Wilburn Architect/Engineering Mgr II $82,830
Robert G. Wade Probation Manager II $82,809
Deborah D. Hatfield Probation Officer II $81,936
Michael G. Locke Probation Officer II $81,878
Celena L. Thompson Psych III/Psychology Assoc III $80,850
Regina Hurt Prog Admin Manager III $80,158
Bryan P. Graham RN II/Nurse Prct I/Phy Asst $79,777
Vonda L. Ashley Info Technology Specialist III $79,409
John C. Loving Probation Officer II $78,899
Kenneth E. Bailey Prog Admin Manager III $78,792
Alex V. Chobotov Info Technology Specialist III $78,750
Ronald P. Lemley Probation Officer II $78,499
Rinaldo C. Simonini Psych II/Psychology Assoc II $78,329
James R. Craft Psych II/Psychology Assoc II $78,252
Theodore R. Darden Financial Services Manager II $77,648
Clarence E. Mcgill Prog Admin Manager II $77,506
Teresa C. Volosevich Registered Nurse Manager I $77,234
Karen A. Jancaitis Probation Officer I $77,146
Claudette R. Overton Probation Manager II $76,898
Elizebeth B. Morse Registered Nurse Manager I $76,440
Frederick W. Lucas Security Manager III $76,228
Lynne M. Nelson Probation Officer II $76,166
Karen S. Watson Info Technology Specialist III $76,049
Gloria P. Bartley Probation Manager I $75,726
Hermoine P. Jackson Psych II/Psychology Assoc II $75,228
Tripti Gangal Info Technology Specialist III $75,075
John B. Schisa Info Technology Specialist III $74,795
Crystal M. Wynn Security Manager III $74,631
Kenneth Monroe Radebaug Miller Probation Manager I $74,097
Paige H. Quattlebaum Probation Officer II $73,886
John H. Weigel Probation Manager I $73,714
Frank R. Shumaker Probation Officer II $72,954
Leland Chen Architect/Engineering Mgr I $72,836
Elaine M. Butkiewicz Probation Officer II $72,486
Ronald W. Belay Probation Manager I $72,367
Thomas A. Gooding Probation Manager I $72,133
Mark I. Lewis Policy Planning Spec II $71,957
Randall T. Blevins Probation Manager I $71,408
Lisa L. Arnold Probation Officer I $70,962
David G. Lively Probation Manager II $70,831
Maury B. Brickhouse Probation Manager II $70,713
Deborah M. Burton Registered Nurse Manager I $70,470