2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department of Corrections

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Total payroll$434,979,137
Median pay$34,650
Average pay$37,689
Highest individual pay$216,974

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Harvard W. Stephens Physician Manager I $216,974
Mark S. Amonette Physician II $194,250
Meredith R. Cary Physician II $191,100
Colin C. Angliker Physician II $183,190
John B. Bench Physician II $182,817
Edward K. Boakye Physician II $168,000
Denise W. Harrison Physician II $161,700
Laurence S. Wang Physician II $161,700
Leonard L. Levin Physician II $161,700
Harold W. Clarke Director of Corrections $150,000
Sonja M. Johns Physician II $147,776
Mary E. Clarke Physician II $147,776
Naseer A. Mobashar Physician II $147,776
John M. Jabe Security Manager V $146,371
Frederick J. Schilling Gen Admin Manager IV $143,770
George A. Smith Dental Manager $136,455
Bruce S. Janek Dentist I $124,111
Nancy H. Scott Security Manager V $121,085
Henry P. Broughton Human Resource Manager III $120,014
Jennifer P. Wood Dentist I $118,201
Kenneth William Mcgee Dentist I $118,201
Sabrina Wells Dentist I $116,500
Erma L. Freeman Dentist I $115,309
Adam K. Wyatt Dentist I $115,308
William P. Mitchell Dentist I $114,931
William P. Rogers Security Manager IV $113,539
Daniel L. Messerschmidt Dentist I $113,400
Richard A. Davis Info Technology Manager II $111,558
James C. Steere Dentist I $111,300
Raymond B. Huzek Dentist I $111,300
Stuart J. Fargiano Dentist I $111,300
Shelby O. Collins Dentist I $111,300
Leonard R. Tatro Dentist I $110,876
Van B. Mccarter Dentist I $110,250
Elizabeth W. Lee Dentist I $110,124
Donald R. Guillory Corr Ent Oper Chief $109,179
Arnold D. Robinson Security Manager IV $108,418
Theresa D. Brown-Doonquah Dentist I $107,671
William S. Nicholson Pharmacy Manager $107,016
Gwendolyn A. Holley Dentist I $106,000
Gary L. Bass Security Manager III $105,253
Louis B. Eacho Financial Services Manager II $104,935
June W. Jennings Gen Admin Manager III $103,068
Eddie L. Pearson Security Manager III $102,131
Ann I. Roberts Info Technology Manager I $101,850
George M. Hinkle Security Manager IV $101,500
Jeffrey N. Dillman Security Manager III $101,075
Sireesha Sakamuri Info Technology Specialist III $100,364
Gerald K. Washington Security Manager IV $99,752
Robin L. Hulbert Psychology Manager $98,822
Larry W. Jarvis Security Manager III $98,419
Richard W. Crossen Gen Admin Manager II $98,056
Samuel V. Pruett Security Manager III $97,412
Russell S. Smith Human Resource Manager II $97,095
Robin S. Earley Pharmacist II $97,091
Lawrence A. Hayes Dentist I $97,000
William K. Ralston Architect/Engineering Mgr II $96,827
Marsha G. Butler Info Technology Specialist III $96,600
John M. Ivey Info Technology Specialist III $96,096
Elisabeth M. Thornton Human Resource Manager II $95,264
John S. Garman Security Manager IV $94,778
Loretta K. Kelly Security Manager IV $94,557
David L. Hawkins Architect/Engineering Mgr II $93,887
Opal T. Bristow Registered Nurse Manager II $93,294
Joseph K. Rogish Info Technology Specialist III $92,647
Mark E. Williams Dentist I $92,394
Daniel A. Braxton Security Manager III $92,219
Alcinda S. Sager Procurement Manager III $91,708
Stanley K. Young Security Manager III $91,098
Geoffrey A. Lamberta Info Technology Specialist III $91,086
Patrick M. Leininger Policy Planning Manager II $91,000
David B. Everett Security Manager III $90,785
Tracy S. Ray Security Manager IV $90,406
Wilbur L. Graves Corr Ent Dep Admin $90,300
Daniel T. Mahon Security Manager III $90,286