2011-12 State of Virginia employee salaries

Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired

About Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired

Total payroll$10,465,152
Median pay$36,212
Average pay$37,780
Highest individual pay$109,725

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Salary distribution

Name Title Total gross pay
Raymond E. Hopkins Comm f/t Blind and Vis Impaired $109,725
Melody Lindsey Roane Prog Admin Manager II $84,870
James R. Meehan Gen Admin Manager II $81,740
Eva F. Ampey Prog Admin Manager III $81,129
Robert S. Burton Gen Admin Manager II $78,853
Doreen M. Cadigan Service Contract Supervisor $76,736
Timothy M. Brown Prog Admin Manager II $76,422
David H. Kennedy Prog Admin Manager II $75,331
Glen R. Slonneger Prog Admin Specialist II $75,157
Richard L. Sorey Prog Admin Manager II $73,583
Bradley Jay Miles Architect/Engineer I $73,500
Carol D. Koger Prog Admin Specialist II $73,431
Barbara N. Mccarthy Prog Admin Specialist II $72,777
Jane B. Solomon Prog Admin Specialist II $70,484
Richard C. Bohrer Prog Admin Manager II $68,655
Susan D. Payne Prog Admin Specialist II $66,320
Donna Cox Prog Admin Specialist I $65,505
Kristine F. Tompkins Trainer and Instructor II $65,254
Ansha Tang Counselor II $65,224
John W. Hall Trainer and Instructor II $64,966
Arthur K. Thorn Financial Services Manager I $63,525
Margaret A. Fields Architect/Engineer I $63,167
Charles S. Surratt Architect/Engineer I $63,000
Denise L. Stuck Counselor II $62,652
Audrey A. Dannenberg Trainer and Instructor II $62,649
Stephen C. Ferguson Trainer and Instructor II $62,589
Ann L. Banton Policy Planning Spec II $62,243
Ray M. Bowie Trainer and Instructor II $62,000
Richard L. Mitchell Prog Admin Manager II $61,090
Marjorie A. Owens Prog Admin Specialist II $60,734
James D. Carroll Counselor II $60,430
Thomas C. Wood Prog Admin Manager II $60,375
Gary F. Peltier Prog Admin Specialist I $60,243
Nina G. O'Neill Trainer and Instructor II $60,060
Wilma L. Ice Registered Nurse I $60,026
Jesse M. Hairston Trades Technician IV $59,850
Lisa D. Auwarter Prog Admin Specialist I $59,657
Leonard V. Recupero Prog Admin Specialist II $58,262
Patricia A. Thomas Prog Admin Manager II $57,750
Donald E. Elder Counselor II $57,203
Kimberley M. Jennings Prog Admin Manager II $56,748
Caren Edwards Phipps Counselor II $56,700
Shelley A. Kaufherr Trainer and Instructor II $56,547
Charlotte F. Jones Trainer and Instructor II $55,700
Deborah R. Austin Prog Admin Manager II $55,106
William L. Vaughn PR and Mktg Spec III $55,000
Johannah M. Echevarria Trainer and Instructor II $55,000
Candace H. Catron Counselor II $54,910
Kristine E. Foley Counselor II $54,600
Daniel A. Aunspach Trainer and Instructor II $54,513
Melanie J. Hughes Trainer and Instructor II $54,264
Dawn M. Zepernick Info Technology Specialist I $54,206
Andrey P. Swystun Architect/Engineer I $53,947
Pamela L. Pendleton Counselor II $53,900
Laura M. Rhodes Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $53,816
Jayne E. Meekings Trainer and Instructor II $53,678
Carol K. Cornett Trainer and Instructor II $53,377
Norton F. Richman Trainer and Instructor II $53,151
Mark W. Bragg Trainer and Instructor II $53,005
Elizabeth T. Spiers Prog Admin Specialist II $53,000
Samuel S. Hines Trainer and Instructor II $52,507
Jennifer J. Thurman Trainer and Instructor II $52,500
Shawn Corcoran Architect/Engineer I $52,010
Meg H. Walker Trainer and Instructor II $51,870
Karen R. Stevens Counselor II $51,324
Luis E. Lebron Va Ind f/t Blind Satellite Mgr $51,271
Martha A. Macias Counselor II $50,925
Dennis L. Helms Trainer and Instructor II $50,287
Paul J. Thomas Prog Admin Specialist I $49,982
James L. Norman Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $49,835
Henry A. Street Gen Admin Supv I/Coord I $48,301
Nell F. Doss Counselor II $47,969
Marie L. Moore Counselor II $47,844
Roxie L. Taggart Admin and Office Spec III $47,835
Nicole C. Jeffords Counselor II $47,775