2016-17 salaries of local government employees

Published Tuesday, May. 8th, 2018

The Richmond Times-Dispatch obtained local school and government employees’ names, job titles and salaries using the state’s Freedom of Information statute. As required by law, the governments and school systems provided information for more than 42,000 employees.

The FOI request for the fiscal year that began July 1, 2016, and ended June 30, 2017, is part of The Times-Dispatch’s ongoing effort to report to you findings about government spending and the use of taxpayer money. The newspaper used the data to create this searchable database.

The Times-Dispatch removed those reported as less than $10,000 a year before calculating the median salary of $46,675. The names of employees who fall below that median are not included in the online database.

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Top earners

Name Agency Job Total pay
Marcus Newsome Petersburg Schools Superintendent $275,375
John A. Vithoulkas Henrico County County Manager $271,645
Sterling Rives Hanover County COUNTY ATTORNEY $257,908
Cecil Harris Hanover County COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR $244,738
Joseph P. Casey Chesterfield County County Administrator $241,000
Thomas J. Swartzwelder King and Queen County Co.Adm., Zoning Adm., Co. Attorney $238,500
Dana T. Bedden City of Richmond Schools Superintendent $237,579
Gary R. Mclaren Henrico County Economic Development Authority Executive Director $236,803
Selena Yvette Cuffee-Glenn City of Richmond H243 | Chief Administrative Officer $231,900
Joseph P. (Joe) Rapisarda Henrico County County Attorney $227,925
Allen Yee Chesterfield County Physician $227,313
James F. Lane Chesterfield County Schools Superintendent $221,000
Jeffrey L. Mincks Chesterfield County County Attorney $220,000
Patrick C. Kinlaw Henrico County Schools Superintendent of Schools $217,486
Michael B. Gill Hanover County Schools Division Superintendent $210,648
William W. Davenport Chesterfield County Commonwealth Attorney $207,439
Asha Mishra Chesterfield County Psychiatrist $203,610
Gary D. Mcgowan Chesterfield County Physician $201,699
Anthony John Romanello Henrico County Deputy County Manager $198,018
Douglas A. Middleton Henrico County Deputy County Manager, Public Safety $198,018
Leo F. Griffin City of Richmond H222 | Executive Director, Richmond Retirement System $196,607
Michael N. Herring City of Richmond J301 | Commonwealth's Attorney $194,754
Rebecca Dickson Goochland County County Administrator $191,823
Debra Darlene Gardner City of Richmond H508 | Deputy Chief Administrative Officer $190,875
Radhika Iram Chesterfield County Psychiatrist $190,740

Pay by agency Median | Average

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Average and median are slightly different ways to evaluate pay. The median salary represents the total payments made to the employee at the midpoint of all salaries. The average pay is the amount each employee would make if total payroll was divided equally. The greater the gap between average and median, the more top-heavy an organization is. This sometimes is the result of payroll with higher numbers of specialized jobs that command higher pay.


NameTop payMedian
Amelia County $126,000 $41,015
Amelia County Schools $122,443 $43,031
Ashland $120,631 $54,114
Caroline County $159,667 $38,923
Caroline County Schools $153,191 $43,875
Charles City County $119,516 $36,210
Charles City County Schools $140,427 $43,926
Chesterfield County $241,000 $48,183
Chesterfield County Schools $221,000 $46,675
City of Richmond $231,900 $47,346
City of Richmond Schools $237,579 $47,580
Colonial Heights $149,000 $46,165
Colonial Heights Schools $141,946 $45,157
Cumberland County $149,901 $36,792
Cumberland County Schools $117,914 $43,477
Dinwiddie County $140,556 $43,667
Dinwiddie County Schools $174,443 $45,171
Goochland County $191,823 $44,772
Goochland County Schools $174,077 $44,960
Hanover County $257,908 $50,500
Hanover County Schools $210,648 $46,829
Henrico County $271,645 $49,661
Henrico County Economic Development Authority $236,803 $52,946
Henrico County Schools $217,486 $46,288
Hopewell $156,062 $44,075
Hopewell Schools $156,000 $45,288
King and Queen County $238,500 $35,656
King and Queen County Schools $118,850 $40,821
King William County $125,492 $39,792
King William County Schools $136,000 $45,616
Louisa County $135,908 $40,500
Louisa County Schools $149,900 $45,146
New Kent County $135,492 $41,503
New Kent County Schools $136,070 $44,549
Petersburg $170,221 $39,147
Petersburg Schools $275,375 $44,626
Powhatan County $169,901 $40,841
Powhatan County Schools $141,250 $46,680
Prince George County $164,066 $50,443
Prince George County Schools $164,000 $43,771
RRHA $158,600 $41,008
Sussex County $144,540 $38,768
Sussex County Schools $127,585 $46,332
West Point $117,956 $35,552
West Point Schools $130,662 $52,613